Use TENS Therapy In Place Of Perilous Drugs

We’ve all had to deal with pain at some stage in our lives. Most people reach for a medicine bottle but there are other options like a TENS unit or a TENS muscle stimulator. You might not have heard of TENS units? These gadgets were invented as another way to eliminate drugs while providing pain relief. It appears as if more and more of us are growing mindful of the notion that being dependent on drugs and, in fact, ANY medicine is not wise. In such cases, the possible side effects can make us to wonder if taking any pharmaceutical is worth the risk, unless the situation is life threatening.

What, Exactly, Is A TENS Unit?

Each day more and more people are turning their attention natural treatments and solutions for pain relief. Some home cures are very natural, like controlled breathing which works with all the natural forces in the human body. And that brings us back to the TENS unit for pain. TENS is an acronym for "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation". A TENS device is compact and battery operated. They have several advantages:

They’re very portable and mobile – they can be taken anywhere …

They’re low maintenance

They’re extremely effective in reducing pain …

There are no pharmaceutical side effects

They’re easy to use

They’re inexpensive

How Do I Use A TENS Pain Machine?

To use a TENS pain machine, you must first place four electrode pads on your skin in specified locations. It is very important that the pads are properly placed so be certain to read the manual or ask your physician the best positioning specifically for your needs.

Once the electrode pads are placed you adjust the electrical impulse according to the pain you have and the specific directions of your unit. Various units come with slightly different options in the operates but all permit you to produce adjustments in both the quantity of impulse you receive and the pattern.

Why Does TENS Pain Relief Work?

The unit is effective because the electronic impulses from the TENS unit block the sensory nerves of your body. That means those signals cannot get to your brain and you will not feel any anguish.

The device also helps to help the body in the release of endorphins, which are the"feel good" hormones that we all crave. With enough endorphins, the result can be euphoria!

Who Uses TENS For Pain Relief?

Professionals like massage and physical therapists frequently use TENS units to relieve pain for their suffering patients. However, since the cost has dropped dramatically, it’s not unusual for the patients to have a home unit prescribed for their use.

Those of use who are interested in, and dedicated to, natural health are quite interested in the TENS unit because it is very effective at relieving pain and because there are no ill effects or limitations while using TENS electrotherapy.

How To Care For Your TENS Device

Naturally, good storage of the unit is essential in order to protect it. Most units come with two batteries so you can have one fully charged and available at all times. The electrode pads are reusable but they do have to be replaced after several uses. Your skin type will have a good deal to do with how often you must replace the TENS unit batteries. If you are suffering from pain of any kind, take a look at a TENS unit. TENS therapy is a long step away from pharmaceutical ways of pain relief.

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