Varicose And Spider Veins Treatment

A spider veins treatment is of intense interest to many women. Spider veins and varicose veins (often misspelled as vericose veins) are – sort of – the same thing. Both kinds of veins can be enlarged and are usually purple or blue. If you’ve ever seen bulging cords, you will know what they look like because they are so swollen they may bulge out from the surface of the legs, where they usually appear. Hemorrhoids are a form of these unsightly veins. The difference between a spider vein and a varicose vein is one of size, with the spider veins being smaller. Arguing over a name, though, isn’t important to those who have them – usually women 50 and up – and a varicose vein treatment is usually the same as spider veins treatment.

Varicose and spider veins (naturally) have a fancier medical term: telangiectasia. At worse, they are swollen or dilated veins while less severe cases look like … well, spider webs. Men don’t get them as often – and besides, their hairy legs cover them up. 75%-85% of the sufferers are women, most likely because of the kinds of shoes women wear.

{Personal Note: I have never liked high heels and ‘dainty’ shoes and have worn flat shoes, mostly with laces and socks, most of my life. At 65 my legs are perfect! Knock on wood.}

Although these veins are ugly, they are rarely dangerous, unless this slowdown of circulation affects the heart in some way. Regardless, though, they’re unsightly and don’t make anyone feel good about themselves. Effective treatment can add to self confidence and a feeling of attractiveness.

Sometimes the veins appear on the face (even more yuck!), especially if the sufferer has had rosacea or has very thin, light skin. Other factors may include:

* Obesity …
* Hormonal problems …
* Pregnancy …
* Sedentary living …
* Jobs with lots of ‘standing’, like a sales clerk behind a counter …
* Birth control medication …

There are three primary treatments for spider and varicose veins:

1. Spider Vein Removal & Varicose Vein Removal With Drugs

There aren’t any drugs or medications that are especially effective. Generally, the sufferer will end up simply camouflaging her veins with makeup and moving on to another option.

2. Spider Vein Removal & Varicose Vein Removal With Lasers

The lasers work by heating up the blood that has coagulated in the veins, so this the body will re-absorb it. It isn’t painful, with stinging being as bad as it gets. Generally, it takes three treatments, every three months, to get rid of the veins, so The Much Hoped For Disappearance isn’t instant. This is the only treatment recommended for the occasion vein on the face, or really small ones on the legs.

3.  Spider Vein Removal & Varicose Vein Removal With Liquid

Removing veins with liquid is called ‘Sclerotherapy’. A sclerosing solution is injected into the veins and over a period of time they contract and collapse. Several sessions are usually required and the patient should avoid certain stressors like alcohol, hot showers and exercise … at least! An excuse to be a couch potato! :-)

4. Spider Vein Removal & Varicose Vein Removal With Traditional Surgery

In the past, doctors opened up legs and stripped out the veins. This is rarely done anymore and shouldn’t be considered unless there is a health problem associated with the veins, like a circulation-to-the-heart issue.

It’s reassuring to know that those of us who are seeking spider veins treatment or a varicose vein treatment have so many options. Obviously, you need to get professional advice before deciding what YOU should do.

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  1. Great report on something that caused my friend a great deal of stress to the point that she would never use her swimming pool.

    At least there are effective treatments

  2. I come from a family that has suffered from varicose veins. Although some of my veins are more prominent than others, they are not yet bothering me to the point that I would seek treatment. Yet I don’t want to become like my mother, aunt and grandmother, all of whom suffered a lot of pain. Since there have been so many advances in this field, I think I will start looking into options, so I can be “ready” if and when they start to cause me difficulty.

  3. I’m glad there are more modern treatments available. I have had spider veins since I was a teenager, and I am still embarrassed by them today. I’ll certainly look into these options!

  4. Joey Simmons says:

    Thank you for the read. I have tried the creams, and they worked a little bit, but I also use compression stockings on both of my legs.

  5. Wow. I am a 25 year old woman and addicted to high heels. I feel so ignorant that I wasn’t aware that high-heeled shoes could cause varicose veins! Looks like I’m going to have to hem my long flare jeans and start wearing ballet slippers. I’ve always thought high-heels were sexy, but if they are going to make my LEGS UN-sexy within the next 20 years, it’s a bit redundant, eh? And the procedures are all so expensive, plus I’d feel shallow getting one. Have you heard of any exercises you can do to reduce the appearance of these? Anyway, thanks for the info. You may have saved my legs for life! :)

  6. This is a very informative article. My husband actually suffers from them in the back of his legs. I am glad to see that there are some new types of treatments out there. Now only to get him to a doctor to find our best option.

  7. It is good to know there are so many options for varicose veins, but I wish there was some sort of topical cream that would actually get rid of them. I’m scared of needles so the injections are out of the question.

  8. Another cause of spider veins that didn’t really get mentioned is pregnancy. I never had any problems until I was on my second pregnancy and it put so much pressure on my legs. I wish there was something that could help without such invasive procedures.

  9. Carla Taylor says:

    I am suffering from varicose vein. I have lot of pain and don’t want to go for traditional varicose vein treatment or surgery. I want permanent relief. While looking for the possible treatment I found this website and some information on The Trivex procedure is a minimally invasive technique to remove veins. Not only painful it looks ugly. Please tell me how it can be cured?

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