Nuts & Seeds: Be Thin, Have a Healthy Heart and Reduce Stress, Among Other Benefits

Lots of folks think that eating nuts and seeds is verboten for thin people – or wanna-be thin people. But that isn’t necessarily so because there are a ton of health benefits that can maintain the vitality of our bodies AND keep us thin and trim.

✹ You can prevent middle-age spread with nuts. Folks who eat nuts at least once a day are typically slimmer than non nut eaters – and live longer, too. The credit goes to nuts’ robust amount of hunger taming fiber and vitamin E, an antioxidant that reigns in the inflammation linked to chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer, says California-based nutritionist Kelsey Dickens, RD.

✹ Keep your heart young: long-term nut eaters are 29% less likely to have heart disease  reveals Harvard research. And even new nut eaters enjoyed great heart benefits. A recent study for example shows that snacking on a handful of pistachios daily can send bad LDL cholesterol plunging 11% in 4 weeks. The mono and polyunsaturated fats in nuts increase good HDL cholesterol which helps transport bad LDL cholesterol out of the body.

✹ Stop stress attacks and reduce the power of stressful situations: by munching on about 14 walnut halves – 1 ounce – you can keep your blood pressure from spiking, reveals a Pennsylvania State University study insists. Walnuts are loaded with good-for-you omega-3 fatty acids which calm your nervous system. And one ounce of nuts has less than 200 calories, just the right amount for a waist friendly snack.

✹ If you can’t eat nuts you can get the same youth boosting benefits from sunflower seeds. In addition to their satisfying crunch, they’re also a potent source of inflammation busting vitamin D.

✹ Flax seeds: have high levels of the same stress taming omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts.

And, ALL of these delightful goodies taste great! Of course, that’s not a fair statement since tastes vary so much, but chances are you will like at least one of two of them and your body will thank you. 

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