Circuit Training Exercise: A Circuit Training Routine & Weight Loss Are Kissing Cousins

Circuit training exercise has become common for college athletes, professional athletes — and us couch potatoes of all ages. A circuit training routine and weight loss are definitely kissing cousins because their goals are identical: improving our performance, becoming stronger, developing our endurance and always becoming more in efficient … and in the shortest possible time.

It’s not that we’re exactly in a rush but none of us have long hours every day that we can devote to exercise. In fact, for most of us 30 to 45 minutes can be a challenge. Circuit training is an answer to this time crunch and it can’t be used in every sport, every age, with both sexes and in any climate [almost – I guess circuit training with the penguins at the North Pole is out].

A Sample Circuit Training Workout

If you’re not really sure what circuit training is then let’s describe the scene in a large exercise room that is used by both faculty and students at a university. Our imaginary athlete — who may or may not want to lose weight — comes into the room and goes to the very first station. At that station the directions may be to do 15 situps.

She then goes to station to for five pullups.
t station two she runs in place for 75 steps.
At station three she does 10 squats.

She completes this circuit training routine doing different exercises at each station. How many stations are there? It depends upon the exercise facility. There is no standard that every group follows.

What’s The Purpose Of Circuit Training Exercises Like These?

1. To lose weight and get into better shape …
2. To constantly shorten the time around the circuit [meaning she is in better shape each time] …
To use all parts of the body thus strengthening each one of them …

One of the keys to becoming proficient in circuit training exercise is to have fun. Fun! If it isn’t fun, at least in certain times, we won’t stick with it. Overweight people are often less healthy than their thinner counterparts. Circuit training exercise helps to combat that by getting the overweight person in better shape, hopefully losing weight and improving every biomarker in the body. This is why circuit training in weight loss are partners.

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