Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 2: To Lose Weight, Don’t Eat Less, Eat “Right”

When it comes to dieting, there is a societal stigma that tends to state that eating less is the correct way to have a successful diet. While this is certainly correct given the right conditions, it is fundamentally flawed in its very nature.

First, saying that one has to “eat less” to positively change their weight situation is too of an overarching statement. It would be much more correct to say that the dieter has to “eat less of which is bad.” For example, high-in-calorie food would definitely stake claim in this area of intake subtraction. Maybe foods that are high in starch, but low in nutritional value, would also fall in this category. Let’s not immediately blame all of these on our weight problems, though.

It should be noted that calorie consumption is a cause of weight problems in the world. But, taking extreme majors during a diet and cutting as many calories as possible in order to achieve your goals is much more damaging than anything you could do. Why? Well, because calories are to our body to what gasoline is to our cars. We need calories to operate, to even exist. Without calories, it is all but likely that you would not even have the proper amount of energy to do your exercise. See the negative trend here? By cutting calories out of your diet, you are essentially damning your progress from the very beginning.

Proper calorie intake, as determined by your body stature and age, can stay relatively the same during your exercise program. For the most part, calories become bad for your body and, hence, your weight loss goals when you are sedentary more often than you are active. Daily activity, even as little as playing with your dog or cleaning your house, is typically enough to offset normal and healthy calorie consumption.

With that in mind, it is necessary for you to evaluate what type of calories you are consuming during the course of a typical day. Are you consuming the calories in the forms of burgers, or in the more healthy form of chicken and rice? Both are excellent sources of flavor and delightful goodness – but the calories inherited from the burger is much more damaging to the casual loss of calories through daily activity than those calories ingested from the chicken and rice.

The ability to casually lose weight with a simple, but effective, exercise plan is ultimately tangled very closely with your daily decisions. For example, rather than eating that carb-packed bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, why not substitute fresh and delicious grapefruit? Or maybe you could eat a cup of yogurt with some oatmeal tossed in for additional texture? The smallest of changes can make the largest of differences in the long run.

Finally, don’t think that making these calorie conscious decisions will be enough to reach your weight loss goals. Because they aren’t and won’t. The proper planning of your dietary intake while not cutting out too many calories will only succeed in benefiting your plan if it is paired with a proper routine of exercise and fitness. When put together, you will start to see the results you are looking for. And, with patience and time, you will surpass your goals and become a much healthier and leaner you.

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