Easy Weight Loss Tips Part 3: Weight Loss Depends on WATER, WATER, WATER!

Do you have a headache on a daily basis? Do you feel lethargic, or even a little “down in the dumps?” If so, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that you have a disorder of sickness of any kind. Because, more than likely, you are suffering from a simple state of dehydration. Yes, nothing that a little water cannot fix. No need to even take Tylenol with that water, as hydration is almost an instant cure for that nagging headache.

But, what part does water play in your weight loss plan? Everybody knows that we need to replenish ourselves during moderate to heavy workouts because of the liquid our body loses in the form of sweat. Drinking water will, of course, solve this issue. It should be nothing more than common knowledge to anybody embarking on a weight loss regiment. What people may not know, though, is the important of water to other vital functions indirectly related to the weight loss plan and, ultimately, its success.

With that said, it is important to remind you that drinking water should be an ordinary event – not just an exercising event. What does that mean? Rather than reaching for that juice, beer, or soda in the fridge, pour yourself a large glass of water instead. First, it is much more healthy than anything you currently have in the fridge. Water is pure and your body will love you for it. Drinking water more times a day will help replenish your bodies reservoir. Yes, even when you aren’t exercising or sweating, your system is losing water. For example, did you know that you lose, on average, a pint of liquid everyday simply from breathing? But, water pays a much more important role in weight loss than simple hydration.

First, answer this: What is the purpose, scientifically, of weight loss? If you answered to burn fat, then you are absolutely correct. Weight loss is only achieved when you are capable of burning the reserved fat deposits in your body. But, did you know, that without the proper amounts of water in your system that this is not at all possible? Your body is a very complex system, obviously, and it is not capable of metabolizing, or processing without storing, fat without good old water. A little bit of a shocker, right? Plant Earth’s largest stored natural resource is also the main ingredient when it comes to proper weight loss. Forget about buy all of those different weight loss pills and other “specialized” dieting drinks and smoothies. Water, which is all you need, is free and readily accessible whenever you need it.

So what is the correct amount of water needed for proper hydration throughout the day? While it does vary depending on weight, sex, and general body attributes, the general medical consensus is that approximately ten eight-ounce glasses of cold and crisp water a day will be enough to fulfill all the differing functions it does within your body. That may sound like a lot of fluid intake. But, if you spread those glasses of water throughout the day, you will be happily surprised on how easy it actually is to drink the proper amount. You may even find yourself going above and beyond.

The secret to weight less isn’t much of a secret. It isn’t expensive and it isn’t a rarity. It is water, which is free, plentiful, and mind numbingly simple to implement into your daily weight loss activities.

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