10 Steps To Deep Meditation: A Beginner’s Guide

Meditation is the answer to … well, everything. Does that sound like an extravagant claim? It isn't, but unless you've experienced meditation yourself it may seem like a ridiculous notion. But here's a Truth: the quieter your mind, the more powerful you are. Today's guest author has some powerful advice for learning to access this incredible state of consciousness.

Deep meditation is very difficult to achieve but once you do, it can open you up to a lot of advantages and benefits. No wonder it is often suggested to people who are stressed out, filled with anxieties and struggling with a lot of problems. In spite of the benefits that it brings, only a few are able to achieve perfection in meditation. At any rate, those who want to embark on a spiritual journey that deep meditation brings, here are some helpful techniques that will help you make the right start.

1) Practice makes perfect. Meditation is no easy task but with constant practice, concentration is built. Doing it twice in a day is a must.

2) Deep breathing is very important especially for starters. It sets the mood, it slows down one’s heart rate and muscles are relaxed at the same time. People who find it difficult to concentrate will find breathing deeply relaxing.

3) Tense muscles get in the way of deep meditation. As such, they need to be loosened by doing stretching exercises. It brings more attention towards the body by allowing it to “go inward”.

4) Before you begin with your meditation, condition your mind to stay focused because it is always difficult to keep your attention confined within a single subject. Thus, you also need to meditate for a certain purpose. One has to have a clear understanding about meditation as an active process.

5) Deep meditation also requires your creativity. While you may think of it as an activity wherein you will have to sit with your legs crossed, you will be surprised to learn that there are people who can deeply meditate while lying and others with their eyes open.

6) Look for a secluded corner in your place where you can do your deep meditation. It has to be distinct from where you do your exercises or where you sleep. Adorn it with aromatic candles and other spiritual stuffs. These will help make you feel comfortable and at ease. Scented candles that are lighted will help create a serene environment that is perfect for a meditation. In fact, it has to be the focal point of your meditation. Meanwhile, you can also make use of background music to set the mood for meditation. There are instrumental music that are produced especially for this purpose.

7) Not knowing a thing about meditation will make all your efforts go in vain. As such, it pays to get hold of a copy of a book that is written for beginners in meditation. You can also search for tips and information in the internet. Having an idea of what meditation is all about will help you understand and perform better. There are also instructional DVDs and tapes that can guide you step by step.

8) Concentrate and never allow anyone or anything disturb you especially in your thoughts. Worldly stuffs must be set aside for a while in order to create a harmonious connection between your inner self and the universe that revolves around you. Do not become overly stressed or entertain thoughts of being nervous. Likewise, you will also need to start every meditation with a light heart, one which is free from anger and anxieties.

9) Have someone to meditate. In fact, it is advised of couples to meditate together because it can yield to many benefits. Among others, couples become closer towards each other. Respect and trust is established and strengthened. However, both of you must need to set a specific time wherein you can do the meditation together. The best time to do it is early in the morning. The environment is peaceful and waking up from a good sleep gives you a more relaxed feeling that is just perfect for meditation.

10. Being grateful is part of meditation. After each session, make it a point to offer a prayer of thanks for the wonderful opportunity to be able to meditate and get in touch with the universe.

Meditation translates to hours of practice. Once you have perfected and incorporated it in your daily life, you will be amazed at how you will feel lighter and in tuned with the surroundings and the world around you.

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