Body Posture & Eye Care Tips While Using a Computer

computer-useIn this era of computing and internet, more and more users are spending a lot of time sitting in front of their computer screens. While technology and computing lend a helping hand in literally all walks of life, there is no denying the fact that prolonged sitting in front of the computer has resulted in many health hazards specially related to the eye. With the advancement of hand held devices and tablets, there is no respite from spending long hours in front of electronic screens. Most official work is handled by computers and working professionals in information technology and related fields are sometimes spending more than half their day working in front of a computer both at work and at home. While working in front of the computer may not be avoidable in today’s day and age, here are some recommended tips to understand best body postures to avoid fatigue and aches including eye care tips to work safely for long hours.

Body Posture Tips 

1: Focus on Chair Adjustment: Having a perfectly balanced chair is the first step that must be incorporated to avoid and bad body positioning resulting in back aches and body aches. A perfect chair depends on the individual’s height and weight enabling the user to sit comfortable by bracing his or her back fully well into the chair while keeping the feet firmly on the floor. Backrest must be flexible to avoid backaches and have a range of 90 degrees to 120 degrees for optimal comfort.

2: Keyboard Positioning: The position of the keyboard helps in relaxed shoulders and unnecessary strain on the wrists. Keyboard must be placed in such a way that it allows for free flow of the shoulders with no typing discomfort. Adjusting the tilt of the keyboard in respect to your sitting position also helps in cutting out any damages to the wrist especially for those doing a lot of typing work. We at Richard Gorman office have ensured that desk, chairs and keyboard positioning are in the correct way, so that working doesn’t take toll on the health of team members.

3: Take Regular Breaks: Taking regular physical breaks from the work desk is a very effective technique to cut out any body posture related discomforts. It is recommended that individuals must take an active break by walking away from the chair after every couple of hours for at least 3 to 4 minutes to avoid body fatigue.

Eye Care Tips

1: Blink Frequency: People working for long hours in front of a computer usually do not blink their eyes compared to a normal individual. Blinking helps is increasing the moisture in the eye lids and individuals must try to blink at least 10 to 15 times in every 30 minutes to avoid any soreness in the eyes due to prolonged working in front of the computer screens.

2: Focus on Lighting: The light in the room plays an important part when it comes to protecting eyes from prolonged usage of computers. Perfect light must diffuse into the computer screen and anything too bright or too dull may harm the eyes in the long run also adding on the fatigue.

3: Use Eye Care Accessories: The use of eye care accessories like anti glare screens or anti glare glasses is ideal for individuals working on big computer screens for long time. The anti reflective coating on such anti glare screens and glasses help by cutting out discomfort due to flickering of screens of excessive brightness.

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  1. I agree with these eye care tips. As an eye doctor, I always suggest my patients to seriously take care of their eyes even at a young age.

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