Nate: Atlanta’s 2nd Hurricane In A Month

As I write these words, we’re awaiting the arrival of Nate, our second hurricane in less than a month. On September 11 I wrote about hurricane¬†Irma which wasn’t too bad for us, but devastated parts of Florida and Georgia. My posts ended abruptly when we lost both power and Internet connection, but the electricity was back in about two hours. My daughter, though, was without power for 2+ days.

On Nate, though, we seemed to have dodged a bullet. Originally the National Hurricane Center predicted its eye directly over Atlanta and the weather forecast was for 3″-6″ of rain with winds of up to 80 mph. However, now Nate is by-passing us and only hitting a tip of the northwest corner of Georgia. The forecast is for less than 1″ and winds under 20 mph. Of course, I’m not breaking out the party goodies quite yet since the storm isn’t even here. As you might imagine, it’s raining here, has been for hours and will continue for many more hours. That’s OK, though. It’s those winds that are so damaging and we’ve lucked out. I guess. I hope. I am sorry for our neighbors, though.

8:45 AM: “Heavy rain and strong winds are expected to increase this afternoon and continue this evening. Isolated tornadoes are also possible this afternoon and evening.” Boo …

Hurricane season supposedly ends in November. Can’t happen too soon.

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