Don’t Fall For The IRS Phone Scam!

Some scumbags are busy trying to scam folks by calling them, pretending to be from the IRS – which is especially powerful since this is around tax time, the dread April 1 deadline. We’ve received two such calls and snickered at the stupidity of the whole thing.

First of all, the voice is one of those awkward, weird and robotic computer-generated voices. It informs you that you owe the IRS around $100,000. And, the real scare tactic: a sheriff or marshall is on his way to your house right now to arrest you! He has a legal warrant to haul you off to prison.

But, Good News! If you respond right now, the IRS will settle for around $5,000 and they will tell the law enforcement agent to turn around and leave you alone.

What You Need To Know

☸ THE IRS DOES NOT CALL AMERICANS ON THE PHONE! They send threatening letters.

☸ And if you owed $100,000 in taxes, wouldn’t you know something about it before being hauled to prison?

☸ And a sheriff’s deputy is going to respond to a phone call from some faceless person to simply ignore an arrest warrant (if it were real, which it’s not) and go back to his office? Hogwash.

The whole thing is absurd. But apparently some folks have fallen for this pathetic crookedness. We read about one man who went to Kroger and bought “several thousand” dollars worth of iTunes gift cards and paid “the IRS” with that. The real IRS does not want iTunes cards.

So if you get any of these bogus, ridiculous calls, ignore them. It’s simply an attempt by some very dishonest people to steal your money.

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