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I am 65 years old and my skin is getting younger – and it's because of my natural skin care products …

Natural Skin Care Products: Try A Natural
Skin Care Recipe & See What Happens

Nobody has to be persuaded that natural skin care products are preferable to chemical-laden monstrosities that rob our pocketbook and damage our health. But are there other advantages of a natural skin care recipe?

My skin is "YOUTHING" not aging!

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As you can see, with the natural skin care recipes in our "39 Inexpensive & Easy Recipes For Super Model Skin At Bargain Basement Prices" you will:

1. Save money …
2. Avoid hideous chemicals …
3. Have skin care products made especially for YOU …
4. Know that your products are fresh and not years old …
5. Know the strength of what you're putting on your face …


YES! I'm ready to devour your "39 Inexpensive & Easy Recipes
For Super Model Skin At Bargain Basement Prices" CD NOW!

Our CD includes the recipes below:

Safe Cleanser #1
Safe Cleanser #2
Liquid Skin Cleanser #3
Occasional Amazing Cleanser #4
Witch Hazel Toner
Pine Toner
Sugar Scrub
Basic Beeswax Cream
Even Richer Beeswax Cream
Basic Body Lotion
Five Oil Skin Cream
Vitamin C Serum Or Gel
Vitamin C Serum #2
Carnosine Cream
Carnosine Gel
Vitamin A Cream
Hyaluronic Acid Cream
Vitamin E Cream
Lycopene Cream
Alpha Lipoic Acid Cream
Niacinamide Cream
Oat Beta Glucan Cream
Green Tea Cream
CoQ10/Ubiquinol Cream
CoQ10 & Vitamin E Cream
Idebenone E Cream
Multiple Ingredient Anti-Aging Cream #1
Multiple Ingredient Anti-Aging Cream #
Cornstarch Face Powder
Cornstarch Blush
Beet Juice Lip Balm


BONUSES: "39 Inexpensive & Easy Recipes For Super Model Skin At Bargain Basement Prices"

Incredibly Dangerous Chemicals You NEVER Want On Your Face: This is our "quick list" of the most common dangerous ingredients used in popular skin care products. Some of our customers and friends even make a copy of these horrible additives and carry them around in their purse.

5 Products That Just Might Get Rid Of Those Bags, Circles & Lines!: this is of special interest to me since I have dark circles under my eyes. I am currently testing these products myself. One of the recipes has two ingredients for a 'double whammy'.

DMAE: 'Facelift In A Jar" … Or A Menace?: DMAE has been used with no apparent ill-effects for about 10-15 years. However, a 2007 report in the British Journal Of Dermatology indicated that there are possible problems. We will give you our opinion on this issue – as well as a recipe for DMAE cream if you wish to go ahead and use it.



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P.S. If you can use a spoon, you can make skin care products that are specially formulated for YOUR face – and cost only pennies to make!