Review: Home Armor EZ House Wash

We had a few exterior spots on our house that had mildew on them. Scrubbing it with a brush absolutely wasn’t going to happen. I don’t do scrubbing. And besides, there’s the problem of possibly taking off the paint and some of the spots were on the second floor. If I don’t do scrubbing, you can imagine how I feel about getting on a ladder. ☺

So, we decided to try Home Armor EZ House Wash.

It’s definitely easy. All you do is attach the small end to your hose and spray the mildewed areas with the wider end. The directions say that it’s important that the chemicals don’t dry out on the house so we were uncertain about how long to let the solution sit, and we may have been to quick to rinse it off.

And there’s definitely a strong bleach smell – no surprise there.

Our Results

First we sprayed in the back of the house and our results were about 90%. When checking the paint, we were reassured to see that it didn’t seem damaged at all. We did put some on the flagstone patio and it seemed to accomplish nothing. Apparently EZ House Wash works best on painted surfaces. 

The next day we tried a couple of places in the front: one particular dormer board and under a couple of bay windows in the front that had sap on them from nearby trees and bushes. 

The dormer board is much fainter – but the marks are still noticeable. It will definitely need a second (or maybe a 3rd or 4th?) treatment. The bay windows will also need a second treatment but the black marks are definitely much fainter. Home Armor EZ House Wash is for molds, not sap, so any results at all were most welcome.

After our next treatment in a couple of places, if the results warrant I will update this review. But at this time …

Report card: a definite B

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