Living in a Constant State of Ecstasy

Years ago I received a magnificent gift from a friend. It was a simple email that included this line:

What you and I want is a constant state of ecstasy that is not dependent on any outside source.

I almost heard a click as I read those words. At last. There it is. My Goal of Goals, my holy grail, what I want crave most in life: a constant state of ecstasy.

The second part is equally important. Usually when someone is in “ecstasy” it’s because of a drug. But this ecstasy is an organic, good-for-you, life affirming high! Who doesn’t want that?

* No drugs
* No booze
* No other ‘substance’

Does this mean we want to be happy? Sure, but it goes waaaaaaaaaay beyond that. Ecstasy is when you’re on fire, passionate, see beauty and adventure everywhere, can’t wait to wake up in the morning and start another glorious day, absolutely and totally in love with life, and … well, you get the idea.

You might have some questions:

Q: Do you live in a constant state of ecstasy?

A: No

Q: Do you live in a frequent state of ecstasy?

A: Oh yeah!

Q: Do you know how to spend more and more time in ecstasy?

A: Oh yeah!

Q: Are you willing to share?

A: Oh yeah!

High energy states are my whole life, obviously since this blog is named BLISS plan. And the best part is there is no ‘top’, no ‘I’ve finally arrived’. It can always get better – and it will. What a glorious way to live.

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