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130 Flower Fairies Cross Stitch Patterns on a DVD
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130 Flower Fairies Cross Stitch Patterns on a DVD

If you love the famous flower fairies of Cecily Mary Barker this DVD is a real bargain!

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If you love the famous flower fairies of Cecily Mary Barker you will love this collection. Our staff graphics designer has taken each image and professionally edited it so you get rich, deep colors. If you look around at some of the flower fairy images on the Net you will see that they're faded, streaked and just don't look very good. But ours do! 

You can also download all of our 130 patterns if you prefer:

Here is the list of patterns:

Agrimony Fairy
Apple Blossom Fairy
Ash Tree Fairy
Beech Tree Fairy
Beech Nut Fairy
Birds Foot Trefoil Fairy
Black Medick Fairy
Blackberry Fairy
Bluebell Fairy
Box Tree Fairy
Bugle Fairy
Burdock Fairy
Buttercup Fairy
Cat's Ear Fairy
Celandine Fairy
Cherry Tree Fairy
Chicory Fairy
Christmas Tree Fairy
Coltfoot's Fairy
Columbine Fairy
Convolvulus Fairy
Cornflower Fairy
Cowslip Fairy
Crabapple Fairy
Crocus Fairies
Daffodil Fairy
Daisy Fairy
Deadnettle Fairy
Dog Violet Fairy
Dogwood Fairy
Double Daisy Fairy
Elderberry Fairy
Elm Tree Fairy
Eyebright Fairy
Forget Me Not Fairy, Version 1
Forget Me Not Fairy, Version 2
Foxglove Fairy
Fuchsia Fairy
Fumitory Fairy
Gaillardia Fairy
Goose Grass Fairy
Greater Celandine Fairy
Greater Knapweed Fairy
Ground Ivy Fairy
Groundsel Fairy
Guelder Rose Fairy
Harebell Fairy
Hawthorne Fairy
Heart's Ease Fairy
Heather Fairy
Heliotrope Fairy
Herb Robert Fairy
Herb Twopence Fairy
Holly Fairy
Honeysuckle Fairy
Horned Poppy Fairy
Horse Chestnut Fairy
Iris Fairy
Jack by the Hedge Fairy
Kingcup Fairy
Labernum Fairy
Lady's Smock Fairy
Larch Fairy
Lavender Fairy
Lilac Fairy
Lily of the Valley Fairy
Lime Tree Fairy
Lords and Ladies Fairies
Mallow Fairy
Michaelmus Daisy Fairy
Mountain Ash Fairy
Mulberry Flower Fairy
Narcissus Fairy
Nasturtium Fairy
Nightshade Berry Fairy
Nightshade Flower Fairy
Old Man's Beard Fairy
Orchis Fairy
Pear Blossom Fairy
Periwinkle Fairy
Phlox Fairy
Pine Tree Fairy
Pink Fairy
Plane Tree Fairy
Polyanthus Fairy
Poplar Fairy
Poppy Fairy
Primrose Fairy
Privet Fairy
Queen of the Meadow Fairy
Ragwort Fairy
Red Campion Fairy
Red Clover Fairy
Ribworth Plantain Fairy
Rose Bay Fairy
Rose Fairy
Rose Hip Fairy
Rush Grass and Cotton Grass Fairies
Scabious Fairy
Scarlet Pimpernel Fairy
Scilla Fairy
Self Heal Fairy
Shepherd's Purse Fairy
Snapdragon Fairy
Snowdrop Fairy
Sow Thistle Fairy
Speedwell Fairy
Spindle Berry Fairy
Stitchwort Fairy
Stork's Bill Fairy
Strawberry Fairy
Sweet Chestnut Fairy
Sycamore Fairy
Thrift Fairy
Toadflax Fairy
Totter Grass Fairy
Traveller's Joy Fairy
Wallflower Fairy
White Bryony Fairy
White Campion Fairy
White Clover Fairy
Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy
Willow Tree Fairy
Windflower Fairy
Winter Aconite Fairy
Winter Jasmine Fairy
Wood Sorrel Fairy
Yarrow Fairy

COLORS: most are a dozen colors
NUMBER OF STITCHES: the fairies are, naturally, different sizes but range from about 150 stitches by 200 stitches on all four sides 

The patterns are for DMC floss colors.

SIZE: All our patterns are in PDF format which can be either printed or used on *ANY* computer and can be made as large as you wish. In fact, on this site we've shown a pattern enlarged on a 21" computer screen and a 48" TV screen. No need to ruin your eyesight with our patterns!