Affirmations For Weight Loss: Instant Download
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Affirmations For Weight Loss: Instant Download

Our Affirmations For Weight Loss book just might be the key to the weight loss you've been craving! 

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Our Affirmations For Weight Loss book just might be the key to the weight loss you've been craving! Many folks have tried affirmations in the past and concluded they just "don't work". But that's because too many people have promoted them as a magic spell - just say a few words, hear a chime and presto, you're as thin as you want to be! Nope! But that doesn't mean that affirmations aren't incredibly power tools that will do more than anything else to solve your weight problems because ... are you ready for this statement? ... YOU AREN'T OVERWEIGHT BECAUSE OF FOOD!   

What's Included in This Book

Introduction: Using Affirmations for Weight Loss
Powerful Thoughts for Amazing Results! 

Do You Believe That FOOD Is The Cause of Your Overweight?
This Is The Most Important Concept In This Book!

Using Affirmations The Right Way
Why Affirmations Might Not Have "Worked" For You in the Past

The True Purpose of an Affirmation
New Thoughts, New Beliefs, New Actions, New Results

Creating Effective Affirmations
"I Weigh 120 Pounds"

Power Booster #1: You Have to Know EXACTLY What You Want Before You Can Get It
Only Measurable Goals Have A Chance Of Succeeding

Power Booster #2: Soften The Rough Edges
The Power of "Soothing" Words 

Power Booster #3: Our Only Power Is In The Present Moment
"The Future" Never Comes

Power Booster #4: Every Single Word Is Important
The Only Words That Matter Are The Ones That Resonate With YOU

Power Booster #5: Length Matters
Don't Make This Mistake ...

Power Booster #6: Don't Cram Too Many Goals Into One Affirmation
Complicated Makes It Harder - Much Harder 

Power Booster #7: Focus on What You Want - NOT on What You Don't Want
"I Won't Eat When I'm Not Hungry" 

Power Booster #8: You Don't Have To Know 'Why'
The Search For 'Why' Sends Us Down The Wrong Trail 

Power Booster #9: Know When It's Time To Change Your Affirmations
Boredom Is the Enemy of Results! 

Power Booster #10: Don't Try To Change Too Quickly
There's No Hurry, No Pressure

Power Booster #11: Be Gentle With Yourself When You Blow It!
Yes, 'When' You Blow It, Not 'If' You Blow It 

Power Booster #12: Have Fun With This!
Grim & Serious Are O-U-T 

How To Tell If An Affirmation Will Work
Don't Waste Your Time On Affirmations That Accomplish Nothing 

How Often To Recite Your Affirmations
Eat, Sleep & Live Your Affirmations

The Best Way to Recite Affirmations
Passion & Enthusiasm = Huge Payoffs

How Long Will It Take For My Affirmations to Start Working?
It Takes As Long As It Takes - And No Longer

Other Ways to Practice Your Affirmations
Empower & Speed Up Your Affirmations

Common Challenges in Using Affirmations
Knowing What To Expect Helps To Guarantee Success

Sample Weight Loss Affirmations
Using Affirmations to Change Limiting Beliefs 

Conclusion: Use Affirmations With Care
Achieving Your Weight Loss Goal with Affirmations

FORMAT: text files are in PDF format that can be read on ANY computer, laptop, tablet or phone