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New Thought: 90 Authors, 475 Books & Papers, Includes Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, James Allen, William James, Mary Baker Eddy, Florence Scovel Shinn, Joseph Murphy, Emmet Fox, Ernest Holmes, on a DVD
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New Thought: 90 Authors, 475 Books & Papers, Includes Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, James Allen, William James, Mary Baker Eddy, Florence Scovel Shinn, Joseph Murphy, Emmet Fox, Ernest Holmes, on a DVD

This massive New Thought Companion truly does deserve the term 'Giganticus"!

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This massive New Thought Companion truly does deserve the term 'Giganticus"! 

It includes 475 works from 90 of the New Thought 'greats' and here is the complete list:

Allen, Abel Leighton Allen
The Message of New Thought

Allen, James
Above Life's Turmoil
All These Things Added
As A Man Thinketh
Book of Meditations & Thoughts For The Day
Byways of Blessedness
Eight Pillars of Prosperity
Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success
From Passion to Peace
From Poverty to Power or The Realization of Prosperity and Peace
Light on Life’s Difficulties
Out From the Heart
The Divine Companion
The Life Triumphant: Mastering the Heart and Mind
The Mastery of Destiny
The Path of Prosperity
The Shining Gateway
Through the Gates of Good (or) Christ and Conduct

Andersen, U S
The Magic In Your Mind
Three Magic Words

Anderson-Gordon, Helen Van
Radiant Star
The Illumined Life
The Mystic Scroll: A Book of Revelation

The Inner Secret (or) That Something Within

Atkinson, William
A Foreward
Aim Straight
At Home
Do It Now
Don't Retail Your Woes
Forget It
Get In Tune
How Success Comes
In The Depths of the Soul
Jerry and the Bear
Let A Little Sunshine In
Let Us Have Faith
Look Aloft
Mental Pictures
Mental Toxin and Anti Toxin
Mind and Body
Mind-Power The Secret of Mental Magic
Nuggets of New Thought
Practical Mental Influence
Practical Mind-Reading
Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing
Reincarnation and the Law of Karma
Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion
The Arcane Formulas or Mental Alchemy
The Arcane Teaching
The Human Wet Blanket
The Hunger of the Soul
The Keynote
The Kindergarten of God
The Law of Attraction in the Thought World
The Man With The Southern Exposure
The Secret Of Success
The Secret of The "I AM."
The Seekers
The Solitude of the Soul
The Unseen Hand
Thought Culture or Practical Mental Training
Thought Force In Business and Everyday Life
Your Mind and How To Use It

Atkinson Writing as Yogi Ramacharaka
Advanced Course In Yogi Philosophy & Oriental Occultism
Mystic Christianity
The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath
The Philosophies and Religions of India
The Science of Psychic Healing

Atkinson Writing as Swami Panchadasi
Clairvoyance and Occult Powers
Mystic Christianity
The Human Aura - Astral Colors and Thought Forms

Atkinson Writing as Theron Q Dumont
Mental Therapeutics (or) Just How To Heal Oneself and Others
The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism
The Power of Concentration

Atkinson Writing as The Three Initiates
The Kyblion

Atkinson Writing as Magus Incognito
The Secret Doctrine Of The Rosecrucians

Austin, B F
How To Make Money

Barnum, P. T.
The Art of Money Getting (or) Golden Rules for Making Money

Baum, Mrs. C. L.
Studies in Divine Science

Beals, Edward E
The Law of Financial Success

Behrend, Genevieve
Attaining Your Desires
How To Live Life and Love It
Your Invisible Power

Benner, Joseph
The Impersonal Life

Besly, Kathleen M. H.
The Divine Art of Living

Boehme, Kate Atkinson
Mental Healing Made Plain
New Thought Healing Made Plain
Thinking in the Heart

Boyd, Thomas Parker
The Voice Eternal

Brooks, Harry C
The Practice of Autosuggestion

Brooks, Nona L
Short Lessons in Divine Science

Brother Lawrence
The Practice of the Presence of God

Brown, Henry Harrison
Dollars Want Me
Man's Greatest Discovery
Not Hypnotism But Suggestion

Bush, David V
The Silence

Cady, H Emilie
All Sufficiency In All Things
Finding The Christ in Ourselves
God A Present Help
God's Hand
How I Used Truth
In His Name
Lessons In Truth
Loose Him and Let Him Go
Neither Do I Condemn Thee
Oneness With God
The Spoken Word
Trusting and Resting
Unadulterated Truth

Call, Annie Payson
Power Through Repose

Carnegie, Dale
How To Win Friends And Influence People

Chainey, George
The Ten Commandments

Collier, Robert
The Secret Of The Ages, Volumes 1-7

Conwell, Russell
Acres of Diamonds

Coue, Emile
Self Mastery Through Conscious Auto Suggestion

Cramer, Malinda
Basic Statements And Health Treatment Of Truth
Divine Science and Healing
Lessons in the Science of Infinite Spirit

Curtis, Harriette Augusta
The Key to the Universe

Cutten, George Barton
Three Thousand Years of Mental Healing

Davis, Stanton Kirkham
Where Dwells the Soul Serene

Dewaters, Lillian
The Practice of Reality

Dey, Frederick Van Rensselaer
The Magic Story

Dresser, Annetta Gertrude
The Philosophy of P. P. Quimby

Dresser, Horatio W
A Physician To The Soul
Health And The Inner Life
The Greatest Truth

Drummond, Henry
The Greatest Thing In The World

Eddy, Mary Baker
No and Yes
Retrospection And Introspection
Rudimental Divine Science
Science And Health
Unity Of Good

Ellsworth, Paul
Direct Healing

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Evans, Warren Felt
The Mental Cure
The Primitive Mind Cure

Fillmore, Charles
Christian Healing
Dynamics For Living
Jesus Christ Heals
Lessons In Truth
The 12 Powers Of Man
The Atom Smashing Power Of The Mind
The Revealing Word

Fillmore, Myrtle

Fiske, Walter
Jesus' Ideals of Living

Fosdick, Harry Emerson
The Meaning of Prayer

Fox, Emmet
7 Day Mental Diet
Be Still - A Treatment Against Fear
Emmet Fox Speaks
Power Through Constructive Thinking, Part 1
Power Through Constructive Thinking, Part 2
Sermon On The Mount
The Garden Of Allah
The Golden Key
The Mental Equivalent

Gestefeld, Ursula N
The Breath Of Life

Haanel, Charles F
Mental Chemistry
The Master Key System

Haddock, Frank Channing
Mastery of Self
The Power of Will

Hamblin, Henry Thomas
Divine Adjustment
My Search For Truth
The Power of Thought
Within You Is The Power

Hill, Napoleon's
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
The Law Of Success In 16 Lessons
Think And Grow Rich

Ernest Holmes
14 Mental Treatments
A Mental Diet For Health
A Prayer For My Country
A Prayer For World Peace
An Experiment With Faith
Be Yourself
Beware The Contagious Disease Of Anxiety
Bless And Curse Not
Brave New World
Change Is Necessary
Christ And Christmas
Christ Is Born In Us Today
Creative Mind And Success
Enthusiasm God's Medicine
Faith Means Freedom
Fore-Gleams Of Eternal Life
God And Dr Einstein
God Is Where You Are
God Is Your Adventure
God Wants You To Be Yourself
Greetings To The Dawn
Healing At A Distance
Health Is Normal
Home Study Course: How To Use The Power For Good
How Habits Are Formed
How The Mind Of God Works
How To Conquer A Guilt Complex
How To Cultivate Your Mental Garden
How To Find Your Good
How To Give A Spiritual Mind Treatment
How To Grow Better Day by Day
How To Harvest Your Mental Garden
How To Have A Happy Family Life
How To Have Security
How To Increase Your Good
How To Live Affirmatively
How To Live The Good Life
How To Make Your Faith Real
How To Plant Your Mental Garden
How To Solve Your Problems
How To Stop Worrying
How To Talk To God
How To Use The Power Greater Than You Are
How To Use Your Secret Power
How Your Mind Works
Ideas Control Your Destiny
If A Man Die Shall He Live Again
Interesting Things About The Mind
It's Up To You
Let God Do It
Let's Try Faith
Love - The Lodestone Of Life
Make Your Own Tomorrows
Man Against Himself
Man Is The Personality Of God
Message On Immortality
Mind Healing
Money A Spiritual Idea
New Lives For Old
Open Mind
Opening Our Minds To God
Our Day Of Praise - Thanksgiving
Perseverance Pays Off
Pray And Prosper I
Pray And Prosper II
Pray And Prosper III
Pray And Prosper IV
Psychosomatic Medicine And The Power Of Prayer
Put God To Work In Your Experience
Put Your Best Self Forward
Religious Science Fundamentals
The Science of Mind
Secrets of Metaphysics
See Yourself As You Want To Be
Selected Meditations From - This Thing Called You - 1948.pd
Self Reliance
Sermon By The Sea At Asilomar
Spiritual Armament
Spiritual Healing - Basics of Science of Mind
Spiritual Meaning Of Freedom
Spiritual Self-Reliance
Spiritual Shock Absorbers
Take The High Road To Happiness
Ten Steps In Personal Achievement
The All-Inclusive Prayer
The Best Possible Health Begins With Spiritual Mind Healing
The Contagion Of Fear
The Creative Power Of Your Thought
The Essence Of Science Of Mind
The Great Ignorance
The Great Surrender
The Greatest Thing In Life
The Healing Force Of Faith
The Law Of Mind And Its Practical Application
The Lord Is My Shepherd
The Magnet Of The Mind
The Miracle Of Everyday Living
The Miracle Of Motherly Love
The New Freedom
The Next Voice You Hear
The Philosophy Of Emerson And Finding The Real Christ
The Power Of Faith
The Power Of I AM Presence
The Prayer That Gets Results
The Relationship Of Love And Gratitude
The Science Of Mind
The Secret Of Success
The Secret Of The Ages
The Self You Ought To Know
The Story Of The Lost Word
The True Spiritual Meaning Of The Bible
The Whole Human Family
The Will To Live
Thinking Affirmatively
Transcending Our Environment
Visualization - The Construction Of Images In The Mind
What Constitutes A Successful Practitioner
What Do You See In The Mirror
What I Believe
What We Believe About This Thing Called Life
Where Is God
Who Is Man's Worst Enemy
Why Did Jesus Have Such Power
Why Shouldn't God Do It
Words In The Sand
You Are Important To God
You Are The Temple
You Get What You Give
You Need Never Grow Old
You Shall Live Forever
Your Aladdin's Lamp
Your Father's House
Your Invisible Guest
Your Mind Is Creative
Your Spiritual Bank Account

Holmes, Fenwick
Being And Becoming
Faith That Heals
The Law Of Mind In Action

Hopkins, Emma Curtis
Bible Lesson #1
Bible Lesson #2
Bible Lesson #3
Bible Lesson #4
Bible Lesson #5
Bible Lesson #6
Bible Lesson #7
Bible Lesson #8
Bible Lesson #9
Bible Lesson #10
Drops Of Gold
High Mysticism
Scientific Christian Mental Practice
The Radiant I Am

Hunting, Gardner
Working With God

James, Fannie B
Divine Science

James, George Wharton
How I Eliminated Fear
Quit Your Worrying

James, William
Essays In Radical Empiricism
The Meaning of Truth
The Varieties of Religious Experience

Jarrett, RH
It Works

Jones, Rufus Matthew
Spiritual Energies in Daily Life

Landone, Brown
How to Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Reality

Lanyon, Walter
A Lamp Unto My Feet
A Royal Diadem
ASK - A Quintology
I Came
It Is Wonderful
Joy Bringer
Leaves of The Tree
Out Of The Clouds
The Impatient Dawn
The Temple Not Made With Hands

Larson, Christian D
How The Mind Works
How To Stay Well
How To Stay Young
How to Work Wonders with Your Subconscious Mind
Ideal Made Real
Just Be Glad
On The Heights
The Mind Cure
The Pathway Of Roses
What Is Truth
Your Forces and How to Use Them

MacLelland, Bruce
Into The Light
Prosperity through Thought Force

Mann, Mildred
How To Find Your Real Self

Marden, Orisen Swett
An Iron Will
He Can Who Thinks He Can
Peace Power and Plenty
Pushing to the Front

McDonald, John
Message Of A Master

Militz, Annie Rix
All Thing Are Possible
Child Unfoldment
Primary Lessons in Christian Living and Healing
Prosperity Through Spirituality
Spiritual Housekeeping

Mills, James Porter
From Existence To Life

Mozumdar, A K
The Mystery of the Kingdom

Mulford, Prentice
Thoughts Are Things

Murphy, Joseph
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Murray, W John
The Realm of Reality

Pinnell, Henry
Five Treatises of the Philosophers Stone

Quimby, Phineas Parkhurst
A Cancer Is Sown in the Mind
A Poem
About Patients - A Case - A Divorced Lady
About Patients - Part 2 - Supplemental
About Patients - Symptoms of a Patient
About the Dead and Spiritualism
About The Imagination
All Men Have Gone Out of The Way
Am I a Spiritualist
Another World II - Superstitious World
Another World III
Another World Independent of Man
Answer to a Question
Answer to an Article in the New York Ledger
Are We Governed by Our Belief
Aristocracy & Democracy I
Aristocracy & Democracy II
Bad Belief Worse Than None
Belief in Another World
Belief Of Man
Breathing II
Can a Spirit Have Flesh and Blood
Cause of Disease
Christ and Truth
Errors of Our Beliefs
How to Make a Belief & How to Correct It
Is There Another World Beyond This
On the Circulation of the Blood I
On the Circulation of the Blood II
On the Circulation of the Blood III
Scientific Interpretation of a Passage in the Bible
Superstitious Beliefs
The Analysis of Ideas by a Lecturer
The Body of Jesus and the Body of Christ
The Book of Man
The Brothers
The Cause of Man's Troubles
The Quimby Manuscripts
What is a Belief
What is the Foundation of a Religious Man's Belief

Regardie, Israel
The Tree Of Life

Rix, Harriet Hale
Christian Mind Healing
The Rich Mentality

Rogers, Jessie
The Living Fire - The Soul Power of the Universe

Sears, F W
How to Attract Success
How We Create Ourselves
The Law of Cause and Effect
The Resurrection of the Body
The Risen Self
The Secret of Healing
The Unpardonable Sin

Sheppard, Edmund E
The Thinking Universe

Shinn, Florence Scovel
And Five of Them Were Wise
Bricks Without Straw
Catch Up With Your Good
Crossing Your Red Sea
I Shall Never Want
Look With Wonder
Rivers in the Desert
Snow White
The Fork in the Road
The Game of Life and How To Play It
The Long Arm of God
The Secret Door To Success
The Watchman At The Gate
The Way of Abundance
What Do You Expect
Your Word Is Your Wand

Steiner, Rudolf
The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity

Thoreau, Henry David

Towne, Elizabeth
Happiness and Marriage
How to Use New Thought in Home Life
Joy Philosophy

Trine, Ralph Waldo
Character Building Thought Power
Greatest Thing Ever Known
In Tune With The Infinite
This Mystical Life of Ours
Thoughts I Met on the Highway
What the World's a Seeking

Bible Mystery And Bible Meaning
The Creative Process In The Individual
The Dore Lectures on Mental Science
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science
The Hidden Power
The Law and the Word

Walter, William
The Pastor's Son

Wattles, Wallace
Jesus - The Man and His Work
Science of Being Great
Science of Being Well
Science of Getting Rich

Wilcox, Emma Wheeler
Heart of the New Thought
New Thought Pastels

Wilson, Ernest
Master Class Lessons

Wood, Henry
Studies in the Thought World

Young, Janet
The Subconscious Mind and Its Illuminating Light

CONTENTS: You will receive a DVD with all the material mentioned above 

FORMAT: All documents are in PDF format so they can be read on any computer, tablet or smart phone