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10 Weight Loss Myths
Categories: Weight Loss

Our guest author today explains some of the more common weight loss myths. I recognize some of them – do you? Everyone has his or her own take on the best way to lose weight. Over the ages, weight loss has become one of the most socially controversial subjects, with so many opposing views, ideas, […]

Acid Reflux In Infants: Acid Reflux Relief
Categories: Mixed Bag

On May 8 of this year I received one of the greatest gifts in life: my first grandchild! She is the most beautiful, gorgeous and spectacular baby that was ever born. She is sweet and beautiful, and I can’t possibly get tired of looking at her – ever. However, her life is not problem-free, because […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Cures
Categories: Natural Remedies

Apple cider vinegar cures appear to have been utilized hundreds of years to eliminate health issues that people might have. Actually, apple cider vinegar has even been used to help pets recover their health – meaning, it’s not just good for us humans! Our furry and feathered friends like it, too. Apple cider vinegar can […]