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Are You Sunburned? 61 Sunburn Treatment Ideas
Categories: Beauty

It's that time of year when being sunburned is all too common. Sunburns aren't just painful – they're aging to your skin! Horrors! None of us want to look 'old' – in fact, that's a source of supreme dread in our youth-fascinated culture. Obviously, the #1 way to avoid agonizing sunburn and its aging effects […]

7 Tips For Anti Aging Skin Care Products
Categories: Beauty, Natural Skin Care

If you’re interested in anti aging skin care products then you’re interested in looking your best. And why shouldn’t you? That’s what human beings have wanted for thousands of years and it’s a perfectly wonderful goal. But anti aging is more than just nice looking skin – it’s a whole body project. Here are seven […]

4 Habits That Will Slow Aging – And Even REVERSE Aging
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If the Fountain Of Youth – a mythical water source that will reverse aging (or so the legends go) – truly existed, stumbling over it would instantly make you the most popular person on our incredibly gorgeous blue and green planet. Actually, remaining healthy – and even looking great, no matter your age – isn't all […]

The Best Antiaging System Is … Anti Aging Food!
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Why spend a fortune on an expensive anitaging system from a glossy store or spa, if your underlying foundation – anti aging food – isn’t supporting your efforts. Imagine a glowing appearance – and horrible health. Doesn’t compute, does it? A fact of modern life is that the best antiaging beauty ‘tools’ grow on/in the […]

The Anti Aging Antioxidant: Antioxidants & Free Radicals Are Natural Enemies
Categories: Natural Skin Care

There are harmful free radicals in our environment that do terrible damage to our skin, but we can protect ourselves with anti aging antioxidant skin products. Our body cells are instantly damaged when brought into contact with overly reactive molecules known as free radicals. Of course, we have some free radicals in our body naturally, […]

The Ultimate Antiaging Advice From Someone Who Ought To Know!
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This fabulous story, written by Francesca Biller-Safran and printed in the Huffington Post, is indeed the ultimate anti-aging advice. It's written about a 96 year old woman who is younger than most anyone I know. I especially agree with her very first advice: "Don't spend a lot of time with old people, they just make […]

INSIST Upon Certified Organic Skin Care Products
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Homo sapiens has been tripping across the planet for many long millennia and it’s a sure thing that we have always preferred to to look gorgeous, sexy, desirable – and be the envy of all our friends. Until recently, though, our beauty products were minerals, plants and other goodies abundantly supplied by Mother Nature – […]

Stop The Aging Of Your Mind With Free Online Education Classes
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The Internet is wonderful! Yes, in spite of all the problems, it’s the most amazing communication tool in history, apart from language. It’s allowed all of us to have vast amounts of learning at our fingertips – including free online college classes! Stop aging of your mind by learning new things, acquiring new knowledge and […]

Look Younger? No, BE Younger!
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If you want to look younger what is the best way to do it? According to Stephen Cherniske, forget the “antiaging product” and transform your body and life. According to Cherniske, our bodies constantly dance between two forces: anabolic metabolism and catabolic metabolism. <Anabolic means repair, renew, rebuild. Catabolic means disintegration, degeneration. Cherniske says simple […]

Beauty Tips: Natural Remedies From Kitchen & Pantry
Categories: Natural Skin Care

If you look around your home, you will most likely find three products that are excellent for antiaging skin care. We all want beauty tips that we can act on without spending much money and these are both inexpensive and effective, if only in a limited way. The best part is that they’re natural remedies, […]