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Sydney’s Gratitude Journal Day 1: An Invitation To You
Categories: Self Help

I, Sydney Johnston, am committing to (at least) a 30 day gratitude journal¬†on this blog. And I extend an invitation to YOU to do likewise. It doesn’t matter where you express your gratitude and appreciation but you are welcome to post an entry in the comments section below my entries.   A Powerful WHY For […]

Day 3: “Catastrophic” Winter Storm
Categories: Mixed Bag

All kinds of adjectives have been used to describe the winter storm that has been battering the south for the last 3 days: catastophic, disastrous, epic, unprecedented. Frotunately, the worst is over (I think). The sleet/freezing rain/snow seems to be slowing down and the temps are supposed to reach 41 degrees today. Hopefully, the roads […]