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The Baby Boomer Population LOVES American Classic Cars
Categories: Mixed Bag

If you’re a member of the baby boomer population (like me) you might already know this: boomers love American classic cars. Maybe you have wanted that flashy Camaro, or your memory of seeing the classic 1965 Mustang shines bright in your mind, but you just never got around to owning one. There were probably solid […]

One Woman’s Look At “Old Age”
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today has some fascinating perspective on aging. If you’re past 40, or close to someone who is, you can certainly relate. When I see older people who are hobbling around with a cane or in a wheelchair, I always swear that I will never get to that point. I would not like […]

How Baby Boomers Can Digitize Their Old Vinyl Records
Categories: Mixed Bag

Many members of the baby boomer population have old vinyl records stored in the attic, records that we can’t bear to throw away. After all, who can replace Elvis, Chuck Berry or Fats Domino? But time has a way of marching on whether we like it or not and music is no exception. So how […]