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Fitness, Endorphins and Bliss
Categories: Self Help

Did you know that getting fit and in shape can actually make you happier – in other words, send you into sheer bliss? Chronic depression is combated with regular exercise, and aside from helping you return to your natural body weight, regular exercise and other fitness activities are great for your heart and your circulation. […]

9 Reasons Why You Need More Bliss In Your Life
Categories: Self Help

Bliss. Who doesn't want more bliss in their lives? Some synonyms for bliss are "utter joy, contentment, ecstasy, euphoria, cloud nine, seventh heaven or walking on air". The problem is that most people think bliss just 'sort of happens" – or not. Usually not. In other words, they think they have little or no control […]

The Power of Gratitude & Bliss
Categories: Self Help

Since the core goal of my life is finding bliss and increasing the bliss I already have – which is a lot! – then managing anger has to be a priority and here I was faced with my own 'stuff'. Because it was bound to happen … I received my first hate email. With over […]