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Popular Fad Diets: The Subway Diet
Categories: Weight Loss

Jared Fogle popularized the Subway Diet when he lost 245 pounds while chowing down on a Subway sandwich, twice each day, almost seven days each week. If we can believe the media buzz on Jared, he was transformed himself from an obese couch potato, weighing 425 pounds to a fit 180 who took daily walks […]

Popular Fad Diets: The Rice Diet Solution
Categories: Natural Remedies

The Rice Diet Solution is called a fad diet, and in a way it is but 'fad' refers to a temporary fashion and this diet has been around since 1939. In fact, it's often referred to as the Duke Rice Diet because Duke University created the diet many decades ago. The Duke Rice Diet The […]

Popular Fad Diets: The Ice Cream Diet
Categories: Natural Remedies

The ice cream diet is one of the popular fad diets. No surprise there. The possibility of scarfing down ice cream – and losing weight – is simply irresistible to many of us. The Ice Cream Diet Plan What you get to eat: this diet plan allows three meals/day plus one snack. In addition, there […]