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Best Apps for Counting Calories
Categories: Weight Loss

This is the age of technology and we are all a part of it. Technology offers new solutions to age-old problems like losing weight. Today's author suggests five different ways to keep track of our daily calories that are more efficient than paper and pencil. Keeping track of calories on a daily basis can be […]

Fitness Tracker: Daily Burn Review
Categories: Mixed Bag

If you looking for one of the best fitness online sites to create your very own fitness tracker, consider Daily Burn. Daily burn is an attractive site that will NOT drive you stark-raving-mad trying to figure out how to use it. And it’s loaded with features like personalized training programs, calorie counters, a food dairy […]

Jorge Cruise’s Diet: The 3 Hour Diet
Categories: Natural Remedies

The first time I saw Jorge Cruise’s diet, I was thoroughly confused. It’s called the 3 Hour Diet – but what does that mean? Surely he can’t seriously be suggesting that anyone will be thin in three hours? Am I supposed to have lost weight in such a short time … which would be absurd […]

Salt Cravings & The Health Effects Of Sugar
Categories: Natural Remedies

If you have salt cravings, you’re not alone. I have them, too – I adore salt. Much more so than sugar. Give me salty chips over a cookie, any old day. Most people would disagree with us, though, because sugar is even more popular than salt. We’ve all heard of the unfortunate health effects of […]

100 Calorie Snacks: Do Snacks Under 100 Calories Truly Promote Weight Loss?
Categories: Weight Loss

Let’s face it – there are a lot of fatties in modern America (I can say that since I used to be one of them! :-). Many of us have 20 pounds or even more to lose. We all believe that eating fewer calories will make us then so it’s not hard to understand the […]