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Winter Depression Begone!
Categories: Mixed Bag

We’ve had a remarkably tough winter here in Atlanta with four snow storms that have accumulated – and several more that didn’t stick on the ground. If you don’t know Georgia, you might not realize how amazing that kind of snowfall is. On top of that, we’ve had really cold weather for the sunny south, […]

Cold Weather Exercise Compared To Hot Weather Exercise
Categories: Weight Loss

Since it’s 22 degrees outside right now (in Atlanta, Georgia, often dubbed "Hotlanta") and the predicted low for tonight is 16, with a high of only 34, then it seems appropriate to mention that cold weather exercise & hot weather exercise have different challenges . That’s beyond the obvious, of course, of outside temps and […]

Cold Weather Exercise & Hot Weather Exercise
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Here in Atlanta, Georgia, we’re currently underoing what’s known as "dogwood" winter. It’s a southern term that refers to cold weather in April when the dogwoods are in bloom. Our high temp today is only supposed to be 52 with a freeze warning tonight. Personally, I love it since I always mourn the passing of […]