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Cold Weather Exercise Compared To Hot Weather Exercise
Categories: Weight Loss

Since it’s 22 degrees outside right now (in Atlanta, Georgia, often dubbed "Hotlanta") and the predicted low for tonight is 16, with a high of only 34, then it seems appropriate to mention that cold weather exercise & hot weather exercise have different challenges . That’s beyond the obvious, of course, of outside temps and […]

Cayce Castor Oil Packs Definitely A Congestion Remedy
Categories: Natural Remedies

Many years ago I read about the famous Edgar Cayce castor oil pack. At the time I was suffering from a cold and cough and all their hideous little cousins and the darned stuff just wouldn’t go away. So I figured I didn’t have much to lose. Since we’ve now entered the famous cold & […]

A Cold Sores Treatment That Works?
Categories: Natural Remedies

I am one of those exceedingly lucky folks who doesn’t need any cold sores treatment, simply because I don’t get cold sores! If you’re one of the zillions of sufferers, I will make you hate me even more by telling you that I’ve never had a single one of the darned things … but before […]