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Why Skipping Breakfast Is A Bummer Of An Idea
Categories: Health

We’ve all heard that a good breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But, still, so many people skip breakfast that we have to wonder if no one believes this cliche about the benefits of breakfast – or is the whole notion just a flat out lie? In a word, yes – skipping […]

Gourmet Coffees Anyone?
Categories: Health

I’m beginning a serious detox right after Christmas, so I figure I might as well enjoy my gourmet coffees for the next couple of weeks. Starbucks gourmet coffee, that is. In fact, I have a gold card I’m such a fanatic. But I’m not going to kid myself about coffee and its health benefits (ha!) […]

Coffee Consumption Good For Human Health?
Categories: Health

Earlier this month, a study announced that coffee consumption on a regular basis might actually reduce the chances of heart disease. As a card-carrying Starbucks fanatic, crazed for its superior coffee, nutrition facts for coffee are always of keen interest. Anything to justify my daily latte, don’cha know. A 2002 study by Harvard nurses claimed […]