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Does A Detox Program Cause You To Lose Weight?
Categories: Mixed Bag

A detox program as a way to lose weight is a relatively new idea. For decades, the "calories in, calories out" approach was considered the only sound way to lose weight. But awareness has been slowly growing that cleaning the poisons out of our bodies with a cleansing diet just might be a pretty good […]

My Detox Cleanse: Day 2
Categories: Mixed Bag

Yesterday was my first full day of my detox cleanse and it wasn’t bad at all. Obviously, it’s too early to have any report on results. But first, here’s an important question you need to answer before even considering a cleansing diet for yourself … Is A Detox Cleanse A Good Idea, A Fad Or […]

What Is A Detox Cleanse?
Categories: Beauty

Today we start a multi-article series on detoxing or cleansing: who should do it, how to do it, the rewards and the not-so-fun moments. If you've been wondering if a detox is right for you, we start here with a lot of answers. For decades, those of us who believed in a detox cleanse were […]

Consider The Power Of A Full Body Detox
Categories: Natural Remedies

A body detox is a powerful way to restore health to the most ailing body. Decades of research has shown that we need to keep ourselves clean inside, just as we do outside. I’m sure that you wouldn’t go weeks without showering or bathing. If we need to clean our teeth and hair imagine how […]

Lung Cleanse: A Lung Detox Is A Longevity Investment
Categories: Natural Remedies

The amount of irritants present in the environment today can be very harmful to the body if absorbed on a daily basis. The environment contains a number of pollutants including gases, smoke, and vehicle exhaust, and the chemicals present in synthetic cosmetics and body products only make the situation worse. Allowing these products to enter […]

Can a Colon And Body Cleanse Truly Help You Lose Weight?
Categories: Weight Loss

If you happen to be serious about finding healthy ways to lose weight, you've surely heard of colon cleanses as a safe and healthy fat loss program? The concept behind a colon cleansing diet is that it is possible to clean out your colon, the sewer system of the body, by way of several healthy, […]

Chlorella Spirulina: Green Super Food From The Sea
Categories: Natural Remedies

Chlorella spirulina algae is one of the super stars of the nutritional world. In fact, many label it a ‘super food’. Japanese Chlorella is the #1 supplement in that island nation and apparently NASA agrees since it has been chosen for growth on its space station. The Chlorella supplement has been studies more than any […]

Detox Diets: Junk Science And Asinine Arguments
Categories: Health

Recently the BBC announced that detox diets are "useless" and your organs are perfectly able to cleanse the body without any active outside help. [] Junk Science & Cleansing Your Body I am referring to the BBC "study" as junk science, but actually there wasn't much science to it at all. The human guinea pigs […]

Living Foods: History of the Raw Foods Diet
Categories: Health

Nothing we can ever ingest is better for our bodies than living foods. This makes perfect sense because the basic unit of the body – the cell – is alive and needs the energy and life force from living, raw food. When our food is cooked to death [literally!] then how can our cells gain […]