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Treatment For Diabetes: Yes, There Is A NATURAL Diabetes Treatment
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Lots of folks – like me! – avoid going to the doctor for as long as we can. There are lots of reasons for this reluctance: for some people, it’s the expense; some are "too busy"; and none of us LIKE going to doctors but some people are actually afraid of them. That fear could […]

Diabetic Living Diet: Diets For Diabetics Who Want To Minimize Insulin
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Diabetes is a dangerous illness that can result in horrible consequences like eye disease, heart attacks, strokes, kidney troubles and even amputation of limbs. So it’s no wonder that many diabetes are searching for a diabetes control diet. The Diabetic Living Diet plan makes claims that it can help diabetics to control their disease. Diabetics […]

Children’s Diabetes: An Amazing Story Of Diabetes In Kids
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Is children’s diabetes a problem in your family? I am a huge fan of the pH Balance program. The originator is Dr. Robert Young and he has several books, one of which deals with diabetes in kids and adults. Does his program work? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.   If your baby […]