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Watching and Not Just Counting What We Eat
Categories: Health, Weight Loss

Over the past twenty years or so, obesity has slowly become an epidemic, not just in America, but even around the globe. While many factors contribute to the increase in weight problems that individuals face, it cannot be denied that the “super-sizing” and fast-food culture that have slowly invaded the nation has contributed greatly to […]

Ways to Eat Healthily and Save Money
Categories: Recipes-Food

Nan, our guest author today, has some interesting ideas about food. I especially like her idea about making our own snack mixes. Lots of them, for instance, have pretzels and I don't like them much. They're not repulsive or anything – just boring. For instance, who would eat saltines unless they were nauseated? Same kind […]

The Blood Type Diet: Eat Right For Your Type
Categories: Weight Loss

The blood type diet, as explained in Eat Right For Your Type, was created by Dr. Peter D'Adamo. According to his explanation, we all have a 'perfect' way to eat based on our blood type. D'Adamo asserts that if you follow his guidelines you will be supremely healthy and filled with energy. If you know […]

How To Stop Overeating!
Categories: Weight Loss

The numbers of overweight and obese Americans and Europeans is so large that it’s obvious that overeating is a problem suffered by most of us. The usual ‘diet advice’ concerning how to stop overeating is to … just stop eating. That, of course, is pointless advice. If overweight folks could simply quit overeating, they would […]

Emotional Overeating: How To Stop Overeating
Categories: Weight Loss

Have you ever been so full that you feel sick … but you continue eating anyway? Does it sometimes seem like there is a demon inside of you, one that keeps you eating voraciously, long past any notion of “fullness”? If so, welcome to a very sad and awful club: The Overeaters of the World […]

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Day One
Categories: Weight Loss

Today I began a one-week experiment to see if there is truly a fast healthy weight loss method? Yes, there’s fast – and yes, there’s healthy – but can we combine the two? I don’t know. But I am committing one week to the Eat To Live diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman asks […]

Dr. Joel Fuhrman Eat To Live Diet
Categories: Mixed Bag

The Eat to Live diet program is the creation of Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Unlike many who promote a high protein low carb diet the Joel Fuhrman Eat To Live diet is about vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables … with some fruit thrown in. Fuhrman recommends only a small amount of starches or meat. Actually, Joel […]

Emotional Overeating: An Effective Overeating ‘Treatment’
Categories: Health, Natural Remedies

Emotional overeating is obviously a serious problem these days. If you doubt this, look around you when you're in a crowded area like a mall, restaurant or movie. You will see fat people everywhere, right? And why would anyone take in much more food than their poor body wants or needs if it wasn't for […]