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Best Apps for Counting Calories
Categories: Weight Loss

This is the age of technology and we are all a part of it. Technology offers new solutions to age-old problems like losing weight. Today's author suggests five different ways to keep track of our daily calories that are more efficient than paper and pencil. Keeping track of calories on a daily basis can be […]

Fitness Trackers: Fitness Journal
Categories: Health, Weight Loss

So far we've reviewed two fitness trackers: 1) Daily Burn and 2) Daily Mile. Today we add our last fitness tracker review: Fitness Journal. It's important to note that, unlike the other two, Fitness Journal has no free options. It's a leading fitness site based on paid subscriptions only. The cost ranges from $7.95 per month to […]

Fitness Trackers: Daily Mile Review
Categories: Mixed Bag

Daily Mile [] is a fitness tracker but it’s very different from Daily Burn which we recently reviewed. Yes, it’s a spot to keep an online training log but it’s much more of a social networking site than is Daily Burn. When we’re exercising we can sometimes be isolated. Our family, co-workers and friends may […]

Fitness Tracker: Daily Burn Review
Categories: Mixed Bag

If you looking for one of the best fitness online sites to create your very own fitness tracker, consider Daily Burn. Daily burn is an attractive site that will NOT drive you stark-raving-mad trying to figure out how to use it. And it’s loaded with features like personalized training programs, calorie counters, a food dairy […]