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TACFIT Commando Review
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Question: who are the toughest, fittest guys in the world? The vast majority of us would answer that the toughest, fittest guys in the world are those who serve in elite military units. But how can any of us civilian types learn to be a strong and powerful as they are without actually joining the […]

Bodybuilding & Fitness Center
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There is an intense interest in both bodybuilding and fitness in our country. Body building is especially interesting because it used to be just for young guys, but no longer. There are lots of women and older men who invest the time to create a fabulous body. I admit that I'm not a fan of […]

8 Fitness Tips For Folks Who Absolutely HATE Exercise! (Part 2)
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Yesterday we posted 8 Fitness Tips For Folks Who Absolutely HATE Exercise! (Part 1) of our articles on exercise motivation and we're happy to complete it here. Health and fitness aren't just related – they're the yin/yang, the indissolvable marriage, the Must Haves for radiant, blissful living. The problem is that many of us DETEST […]

8 Fitness Tips For Folks Who Absolutely HATE Exercise! (Part 1)
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Do you crave the idea of superb muscle and fitness – but hate exercise? Or perhaps 'hate' is too strong a word, but it's definitely down at the top of your 'Unfavorite Things' list. You're not alone. Health and fitness might be a high priority in theory, but many people don't like exercise – but […]

Fitness Tracker: Daily Burn Review
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If you looking for one of the best fitness online sites to create your very own fitness tracker, consider Daily Burn. Daily burn is an attractive site that will NOT drive you stark-raving-mad trying to figure out how to use it. And it’s loaded with features like personalized training programs, calorie counters, a food dairy […]

SANE Weight Loss For Teenagers
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In 21st century American, weight loss and teenagers seem to have an eternal marriage. We live in a culture that is way too focused on appearance and teenagers are bombarded with messages about how they "ought" to look – mostly like their favorite movie stars and action heroes. But it's critical that they do not […]

A Weight Loss Exercise Workout For Super Swift Weight Loss
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For years, most exercise programs focused almost exclusively on only one kind of cardiovascular exercise, but that it no longer the case. There’s a new kind of exercise that is exploding in popularity and it is called "high intensity interval training" – and it’s a welcome add-on to traditional "steady state" exercise. If you’re wondering […]

Diet and Fitness: RESPONSIBLY Promote Your Health With Diet & Fitness
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Sometimes we don’t like it but diet and fitness simply ARE a part of the life of a wise person. Promoting your health with diet and fitness brings our bodies into balance. Still, many folks are one sided, in that they eat a healthy diet but are total couch potatoes, whereas others eat a lot […]

Look Younger? No, BE Younger!
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If you want to look younger what is the best way to do it? According to Stephen Cherniske, forget the “antiaging product” and transform your body and life. According to Cherniske, our bodies constantly dance between two forces: anabolic metabolism and catabolic metabolism. <Anabolic means repair, renew, rebuild. Catabolic means disintegration, degeneration. Cherniske says simple […]