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Ways to Eat Healthily and Save Money
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Nan, our guest author today, has some interesting ideas about food. I especially like her idea about making our own snack mixes. Lots of them, for instance, have pretzels and I don't like them much. They're not repulsive or anything – just boring. For instance, who would eat saltines unless they were nauseated? Same kind […]

6 Ways To Save Money On Food
Categories: Mixed Bag, Natural Remedies

If you’ve been to the grocery store regularly over the past few years, you will have noticed how much more expensive food has become. Sometimes I am horrified by the costs – especially since I’m a vegetarian and focus on fresh fruits and vegetables which are horrifying expensive. In fact, the cost has inspired me […]

A Tasty Raw Food Dessert
Categories: Health

I like raw food and it's unquestionably healthy – but sometimes I get restless for something sweet. I love 'regular' apple pie so decided to give this raw food dessert a try. And it is DELICIOUS. I'm sort of reluctant to recommend anything because we all have different tastes and you might try this and […]

The pH Miracle For Weight Loss
Categories: Weight Loss

The pH Miracle Miracle For Weight Loss diet is one of the few diets with which I’ve had personal experience so I can accurately report my impressions. This isn’t just a book – it’s a lifestyle. And yes, it’s about losing weight – but it’s much more than that. According to the author, Dr. Robert […]

How To Save Money On Groceries
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These days, most people are interested in how to save money on groceries. We HAVE to eat and many people are hurting for money these days so saving money on food is an obvious way to cut expenses. Save Money On Food In The Peanut Butter Aisle Peanut butter is great for those on a […]

The Food Doctor Diet by Ian Marber
Categories: Weight Loss

The Food Doctor Diet was created by a nutritionist in the UK named Ian Marber as an answer to long term weight loss – rather than the popular “lose 20 pounds in 15 minutes” (but gain it back in an hour) diets and as fat loss programs go it’s fairly sane and sensible. As so […]

5 Reasons For Diet Failure
Categories: Weight Loss

5 Reasons For Diet Failure You’ve taken an oath and THIS time you’re going to do it: lose weight. Days/weeks/months go by and once again: DIET FAILURE! But why? Why is it so damned hard??? Here are 5 reasons why most of us fail. #1: The Infamous "Junk Food Diet" Sigh … you’re still eating […]

The Best Antiaging System Is … Anti Aging Food!
Categories: Natural Skin Care

Why spend a fortune on an expensive anitaging system from a glossy store or spa, if your underlying foundation – anti aging food – isn’t supporting your efforts. Imagine a glowing appearance – and horrible health. Doesn’t compute, does it? A fact of modern life is that the best antiaging beauty ‘tools’ grow on/in the […]

Choose Organic Fast Food Instead Of A Burger & Fries
Categories: Health

The idea of organic fast food sounds a bit … strange. We all think of ‘fast food’ as calorie-laden, high fat, loaded-with-chemicals-and-sugar junk. But it’s possible to chow down on healthy organic food, with only a bit of planning. Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding eating out can prove difficult if you have limited time […]

Eat Natural Healthy Food To Lose Weight Naturally
Categories: Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight naturally and (sort of) easily then consider eating only natural healthy food instead of "low fat", "light", "sugar free" or other so-called special foods. Natural and organic food works WITH the body, rather than trying to trick or fool it into giving up the pounds. You may have tried […]