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High Fructose Corn Syrup Foods Loaded With Deadly Mercury
Categories: Health

Two alarming studies have recently revealed the presence of deadly mercury in high fructose corn syrup foods. + When testing samples of high fructose corn syrup foods almost ONE THIRD contained mercury + Testing for high fructose corn syrup itself revealed the presence of mercury in almost HALF of the samples This is especially alarming […]

Kashi GoLean Recall
Categories: Recipes-Food

There has been a Kashi GoLean recall. I eat a lot of Kashi foods and the company issued the recall because its Kashi GoLean Chocolate Energy Shake mix contained milk – specifically whey caseinate. This ingredient wasn’t mentioned on the canister and folks with a milk allergy might be affected. How To Identify The Affected […]

Living Foods: History of the Raw Foods Diet
Categories: Health

Nothing we can ever ingest is better for our bodies than living foods. This makes perfect sense because the basic unit of the body – the cell – is alive and needs the energy and life force from living, raw food. When our food is cooked to death [literally!] then how can our cells gain […]