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4 Habits That Will Slow Aging – And Even REVERSE Aging
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If the Fountain Of Youth – a mythical water source that will reverse aging (or so the legends go) – truly existed, stumbling over it would instantly make you the most popular person on our incredibly gorgeous blue and green planet. Actually, remaining healthy – and even looking great, no matter your age – isn't all […]

Look Younger & Reverse Aging With The Anti Aging Super Duper Secret Weapon
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We don't want to just look younger – we want to BE younger. We don't want to age – we want to reverse aging. But humans have been holding on to this dream for millenia, so is it as much a mirage as Ponce de Leon's fountain of youth? Actually, no. Not if we use […]

The Fountain Of Youth: Mythology Or Fact?
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Every culture has its stories of a mystical fountain of youth that confers lifelong youth and vitality upon the lucky ones who find it. Some legends include immortality or even returning the dead to life. In our culture, of course, Juan Ponce de Leon supposedly set out in search of this fabled pool or spring. […]