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Nutrition For Kids: 10 Ways To Promote Fruit
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Every parent knows that nutrition for kids is an important subject – most obviously since they're growing and need healthy fuel to grow properly. And fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. But how to get them to eat fruit beyond apples and bananas? REAL fruit, that is – not "fruit-flavored" garbage cereals that are […]

DIY Landscaping: Grow Fruit Trees
Categories: At Home

I have a new DIY landscaping fever and I mentioned in a recent post that I’ve been planting fruit trees. But planting them is the easy part – getting them to thrive is the tough part. We just had a spiffy new patio built in our back yard and my plan to grow fruit trees […]

My Backyard Landscape Design: Planting Fruit Trees
Categories: Mixed Bag

My backyard has been a boring mess for quite some time. So I decided that in 2010 I was going to remedy this sad state of affiairs. I'm determined to transform my yard and with alll those choices, I figured I could find a design I like – and I was right. Actually, the hard […]

The Hass Avocado: Succulent Green Fruit Worthy Of The Gods
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The hass avocado is truly a gift from the gods! I love and adore these creamy green fruits with their soft buttery taste, gorgeous color and versatility. Everybody knows avocados in guacamole but it’s used in many more recipes that that. There’s even an avocado ice cream, believe it or not. I’ve never had the […]