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9 Reasons To Drink Green Smoothies
Categories: Mixed Bag

Do you know what a "green" smoothie is? It's simply a smoothie that contains some green veggies, some phytonutrients. These can be 'live' foods or they can be green powders. But one thing is for sure: if you want a simple, low cost and extremely healthy habit, drink a couple of green smoothies every day. […]

Weight Loss With Green Tea
Categories: Weight Loss

Lots of people are interested in weight loss with green tea. There are many reasons: For one thing, green tea is inexpensive and you can buy natural varieties that don't add toxic chemicals to your body. Furthermore, It's simple to concoct – I use green tea all the time and mix in a bit of […]

Green Tea Review: Properties Of Green Tea Are Overwhelmingly Positive
Categories: Natural Remedies

Any green tea review must begin by noting that green tea is a truly cool product! The properties of green tea are myriad – or we should say that the beneficial properties of green tea are outstanding. In fact, we don’t have anything negative to say about green tea unless we drink too much of […]

Green Tea Fat Burner: Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea
Categories: Natural Remedies

Many overweight folks have heard of the benefits of using a green tea fat burner and green tea has become a really, REALLY hot weight loss substance. And, we're happy to report that the benefits of drinking green tea are many, unlike much of the phony junk we hear about other so-called 'weight loss miracles'. […]

The Hass Avocado: Succulent Green Fruit Worthy Of The Gods
Categories: Recipes-Food

The hass avocado is truly a gift from the gods! I love and adore these creamy green fruits with their soft buttery taste, gorgeous color and versatility. Everybody knows avocados in guacamole but it’s used in many more recipes that that. There’s even an avocado ice cream, believe it or not. I’ve never had the […]