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One Woman’s Look At “Old Age”
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today has some fascinating perspective on aging. If you’re past 40, or close to someone who is, you can certainly relate. When I see older people who are hobbling around with a cane or in a wheelchair, I always swear that I will never get to that point. I would not like […]

The New Atkins Diet: Is It Really Safer?
Categories: Weight Loss

Our guest author today gives us the low-down on the "new" Atkins diet. Is it safer than the former one? Do dieters still get amazing results in a hurry? Read on and find out … In 1972, Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution was among the top five best selling diet books on the market. Dr. […]

10 Ways to Save While Feeling Pampered in Luxury
Categories: Beauty

Our guest author today explains ways to indulge in luxury – without spending the mortgage money. Who doesn’t love to be pampered? We would all love to be able to indulge and splurge on whatever luxurious items and services we’d like at the spa or salon. Unfortunately, times are tough, and that hundred-dollar massage doesn’t […]

How to Combat Depression Caused by Debt
Categories: Mixed Bag

Our guest author today discusses an important topic: how debt and money-worries can damage our health. Since we’re in a deep recession there are many of us facing this problem and we need to know what to do about it. Besides suffer, of course, which is a truly miserable alternative.   Over 20 million Americans […]