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Natural Hair + Healthy Hair = Gorgeous Hair
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We all want natural hair that is gorgeous, shining and blowing in the breeze like the models on TV. And to do that we need healthy hair. Of course, the gals on the commercials and in magazines are chosen specifically because their hair is so spectacular and most of us don’t, and never will, look […]

5 Tips for Healthy Hair
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Our guest author today writes for a French site and it’s especially interesting to see how our friends in other countries manage their beauty routines (and lives). Isabelle is writing today about our ‘crowning glory’ – hair. I don’t know about you but often my hair is a ‘crowning mess’, instead of glory, so all […]

A Virtual Hair Makeover For Your Crowning Glory
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There are times when I look in the mirror and think, “Jeez, I am SO bored with the way I look!” If this happens to you, too, then we need to brainstorm about ways to look different – and the majority of them seem to center on our head area. That is, we can change […]

8 Natural Beauty Secrets
Categories: Anti-Aging

There are many reasons to care about natural beauty secrets but here are the two Biggies: First, home made beauty tips involve ingredients that are in your house or are available at Walmart and other inexpensive stores. In other words, you save money – always a cool thing, especially in this economy. You avoid dangerous […]

4 Natural Remedies For Thicker Hair
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Natural remedies for thicker hair aren’t as quick and dramatic as dropping by a hair replacement clinic one afternoon, but in the long run you’ll be better off if you at least try growing hair the natural way first. As we age, most people lose some of their hair but the good news is we […]

Natural Hair Growth, Part 1
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Natural hair growth is a subject of great concern to many people. Those with a full head of hair may snicker at those who are anxiously glancing in mirrors and trying ever remedy under the sun, but hair growth treatment is a multi billion dollar business – yep, that’s a “B” – and no joke […]