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Color Healing (Chromatherapy) Is A Well-Documented Way To Heal
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Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is a well-documented way of using color to heal. It’s not a mystery because much research has been done on the effects of the light spectrum on the human body. Healing with color may be used alone or with other natural therapies like proper diet, sufficient rest and relaxation, working out, […]

Color Healing Therapy: Consider Non-Invasive Color Therapy For What Ails You
Categories: Natural Remedies

Chromotherapy (often misspelled as "chromatherapy") is a centuries method of treating disease with color. Color therapy isn’t far fetched at all. If you are inclined to scoff at such healing, just remember that the most famous and applicable scientific discovery of the 20th century was Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. In it, he proved that matter […]

How To Lose Weight Naturally With Visualization Methods
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If you’re interested in how to lose weight naturally, (and of course you are!) then visualization methods are a powerful tool you can use. The good news is that it’s fun, effective and easy. Here are some tips to help you use your powers of mind visualization so that the pounds start coming off. Healing […]