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What Is A Detox Cleanse?
Categories: Beauty

Today we start a multi-article series on detoxing or cleansing: who should do it, how to do it, the rewards and the not-so-fun moments. If you've been wondering if a detox is right for you, we start here with a lot of answers. For decades, those of us who believed in a detox cleanse were […]

Yogurt Health Benefits
Categories: Natural Remedies

If you are wondering if there are yogurt health benefits from this creamy milk product, you only need to pay attention to the cold shelves of your neighborhood supermarket. There are plain yogurts, sure, but there are yogurt flavors Mother Nature never imagined, yogurts with toppings, yogurt with granola, yogurt with jam on the bottom […]

The Health Benefits Of Oatmeal
Categories: Natural Remedies

Is oatmeal nutritional? We might as well ask if rain is good for the earth because the health benefits of oatmeal are substantial and humans have known this for centuries. Oatmeal is incredibly popular in cultures all over the world and has a history that goes back to ancient China and Greece. Scotland has been […]

Blood Circulation & Exercise: Do Exercise To Increase Blood Circulation
Categories: Mixed Bag

The strong link between blood circulation and exercise is simply another fabulous reason to exercise – in addition to weight loss and other health benefits. Indeed, when we exercise for circulation , we are certain to increase our energy. In fact, instead of the famous ‘vicious circle’, we have a wonderful ‘positive circle’ beginning … […]

The Health Benefits Of Ginger
Categories: Natural Remedies

The health benefits of ginger are not only numerous, but ginger roots have been used to heal for hundreds of years. The ginger herb acts as as a support system and is widely known for its the capability to lessen the severity of common colds and headaches. One of the most widely known benefits of […]

Popular Fad Diets: The Acai Berry Diet Plan
Categories: Weight Loss

Acai Berry Diet mania began when enormously popular Oprah Winfrey mentioned these Amazonian berries on her TV show. Anything Oprah mentions or endorses becomes popular overnight and it wasn’t long before acai berries began appearing in everything from drinks to ice cream. The acai berry phenomenon has been labeled a fad, but that is simply […]