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Yes, We Women Need Anti-Aging Night Cream
Categories: Beauty

We all know that we aren’t going to live eternally. (Well, actually I am! :-) Our bodies start to age from the time we are born, that is why there is so much research into anti aging products – including my beloved anti-aging night cream. This aging seems to take up speed after we trun […]

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Day One
Categories: Weight Loss

Today I began a one-week experiment to see if there is truly a fast healthy weight loss method? Yes, there’s fast – and yes, there’s healthy – but can we combine the two? I don’t know. But I am committing one week to the Eat To Live diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman asks […]

Happy Halloween All You Spooky Ghosts & Goblins!
Categories: Mixed Bag

Happy Halloween all you scary ghosts and goblins! October and Halloween are my favorite time of the year and I look forward to tonight when all the excited children and their careful parents show up at my front door. Yes, I’m a vegan and focus on healthy eating, but just for tonight, forget all that. […]