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Natural Hair + Healthy Hair = Gorgeous Hair
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We all want natural hair that is gorgeous, shining and blowing in the breeze like the models on TV. And to do that we need healthy hair. Of course, the gals on the commercials and in magazines are chosen specifically because their hair is so spectacular and most of us don’t, and never will, look […]

5 Tips for Healthy Hair
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Our guest author today writes for a French site and it’s especially interesting to see how our friends in other countries manage their beauty routines (and lives). Isabelle is writing today about our ‘crowning glory’ – hair. I don’t know about you but often my hair is a ‘crowning mess’, instead of glory, so all […]

Stop Losing Hair: Vitamins & Thinning Hair
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If you want to stop losing hair – or even reverse hair loss, be aware of the relationship between vitamins and thinning hair. Or, more accurately, lack of vitamins and lack of hair. Vitamin B Deficiencies Baldness and thinning hair can be caused by an insufficiency of B vitamins. Niacin, also known as vitamin B3 […]