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Yes, Healthy Pizza Can Be Part Of A Weight Loss Diet
Categories: Weight Loss

Who doesn’t love pizza? Oh, I suppose there are a few misguided fools who don’t drool at the smell of this glorious food (no offense to those fools :-). The problem for many of us, though, is that pizza is loaded with fat and calories and since most of us are overweight … Then there’s […]

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Day Three
Categories: Weight Loss

Yes, I went through my morning torture craving (see Day 1) and wanted my forbidden frozen cappuccino. At one point I just decided, "The hell with it!" and started on my way to QT. For some unknown reason, though, I was able to stop and turn around and came home. I felt really angry and […]

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Day Two
Categories: Weight Loss

My fast healthy weight loss, Day 2, began as pure torture! I said I wouldn’t have my morning drink (see Day 1) but I almost caved. I know that it’s important to keep a part of my morning ritual so I got in my car and drove to my business mail box to check the […]

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Day One
Categories: Weight Loss

Today I began a one-week experiment to see if there is truly a fast healthy weight loss method? Yes, there’s fast – and yes, there’s healthy – but can we combine the two? I don’t know. But I am committing one week to the Eat To Live diet by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Dr. Fuhrman asks […]

A Healthy Way To Lose Weight: Weight Control Programs & Your Expectations
Categories: Natural Remedies

If you seek a healthy way to lose weight, the first place to begin is with your expectations. Ask yourself honestly: do you expect to success or do you expect to fail? Most of the time (every time?) when we "go on a diet", we worry that if we don’t do everything just exactly right, […]