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A Natural Remedy For Nasal Congestion
Categories: Natural Remedies

Is there an adult on this beautiful planet who is a stranger to nasal congestion? Of course there are a ton of over-the-counter remedies for sinus congestion but they all have side effects, no matter how minor. Massage, however, cannot possibly do any harm so why not consider this simple, yet effective, home remedy for […]

A Simple Natural Remedy As An Eczema Treatment
Categories: Beauty

If you have itchy, painful, ugly eczema, you would probably like a simple, inexpensive natural remedy, right? Well, here's one for you … manuka honey. It's hard for me to believe, but according to the Mayo clinic, eczema accounts for 43% of all doctor visits. I personally find that to be a very suspicious statistic but […]

Home Remedies For Diaper Rash
Categories: Natural Remedies

It's emotionally painful to see a sweet, helpless baby with the bright red bottom of diaper rash. But it's even more painful for the tiny angel who is suffering from this often excruciating condition. When we think about how acidic human urine is, it's not hard to understand why diaper rash is so common. PREVENTION […]

Home Remedies For Painful Ear Aches
Categories: Natural Remedies

When I was 11 years old, I stayed awake almost all night, crying in pain. The reason was that I had a broken ear drum, although we didn't know it at the time. It took weeks to heal and I remember starting to shake when I saw the doctor because I knew he was going […]

Insomnia Home Remedy: If You Have Trouble Sleeping Try These Simple Insomnia Home Remedies First!
Categories: Mixed Bag

Your nights do not have to be frustrating or sleepless anymore! There are many home remedies for curing chronic insomnia, and these remedies do not have the considerable risks and side effects of sleep medications. An insomnia home remedy is less expensive, non-addictive, and provide relief for a longer amount of time. Relaxation techniques are […]

Natural Remedies For Allergies (Instead Of Heavy Duty Drugs!)
Categories: Natural Remedies

Atlanta is having a gorgeous spring. The flowers and trees and budding and bursting forth with blooms, the weather is dry and pleasant with highs in the low 70s and 40s at night and … well, the flowers are blooming. That’s really bad news for millions of allergy sufferers. If that’s you, are you suffering, […]

Home Remedy For A Toothache: Natural Remedies For The Ghastly Pain Of Toothaches
Categories: Natural Remedies

A toothache is just plain torture. Not only is it excruciating, but it takes over your life. And as much as we love natural remedies on this blog, it’s true that a home remedy for a toothache is really only a temporary measure when it’s Thanksgiving morning and your dentist won’t be available till Monday. […]