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More Than Electric Outlet Plugs: Keeping Your Home Safe For Your Kids
Categories: Mixed Bag

If you have kids you already know how prone they are to getting into EVERYTHING. Objects we don't even think about become an unthinkable danger. Our guest author today writes about ways to keep the children you love safe in your home. Whether you're a new parent, about to adopt, starting a daycare in your […]

Home Security Features Your Family Should Have this Summer
Categories: Mixed Bag, Personal Security

Home security is important to all of us. Crime is always present and in our current horrible economy it’s even more of a problem. I live in an upscale development but our neighborhood newsletter now mentions nearby crimes in every issue. Syliva, our guest author today has some good advice for all of us. More […]

Feng Shui Your House Into a Home
Categories: Mixed Bag

Feng Shui is interesting to me but I admit that I don't know anything about it. So, we were glad to receive this article on the subject and learn a few of the basics from our guest author. Since we spend a good deal of time inhabiting the space we call “home”, it makes sense […]

Home Security: Don’t Let YOUR Home Be a Target
Categories: Personal Security

Our guest author today is an expert on home security and any advice for keeping our families safe is very welcome. Watch the evening news for about five minutes and see if you don't feel uneasy. Yes, the media exploits our fears but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't take precautions. Foil the Bad Guys! […]

Healing Home Remedies Are More Relevant Than Ever!
Categories: Natural Remedies

For thousands of years, the only way our ancestors could treat disease was with healing home remedies. Until the 19th and early 20th centuries, home cures came from the garden and the kitchen. However, this faded away when the male-dominated doctor and medical profession began to grow. This group scorned the home remedies of our […]

Your Household Chores List Can Actually Keep You Fit!
Categories: Mixed Bag

There are lots of people in the 21st century who work at home. Perhaps they’re a mom who stays home with her small children, or a house-husband, or someone like me who works at home and owns their own business. Lots of these folks feel like they’re in really terrible shape and that there’s no […]

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection
Categories: Natural Remedies

There are several popular home remedies for a yeast infection. In truth, however, most of them either do not work at all or don’t work as well as medicines, even over-the-counter ones. There are only two home remedies for yeast infection that really work. Prevention Of Yeast Infection One of the most important home remedies […]

Using Natural Honey As A Home Cure
Categories: Natural Remedies

The benefits of natural honey are well documented but one of the most … suspicious (to me, anyway) … is that it can heal sores. I was getting a tiny sore at one corner of my mouth and decided to put raw honey on the sore to see what happened. I am happy to report […]