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Evaluating Home Fitness Machines: Bowflex and Total Gym
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Whenever we make a commitment to become more physically fit, we have to start with a plan. We need to devise a way to reach our fitness goals in the most efficient manner possible but there are many variables that we must take into account when mapping out a path to the fit, strong body […]

To Stretch: 10 Tips For Stretching Your Body For Superb Conditioning
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When you see a man or a woman who is so superbly conditioned that they could be a model for the fit human body, they may seem to be solid, hard, like a rock. And, indeed, some are. There are passionate bodybuilders who are literally unable to raise their arms above their head – but, […]

What Is A Detox Cleanse?
Categories: Beauty

Today we start a multi-article series on detoxing or cleansing: who should do it, how to do it, the rewards and the not-so-fun moments. If you've been wondering if a detox is right for you, we start here with a lot of answers. For decades, those of us who believed in a detox cleanse were […]

St. John’s Wort
Categories: Natural Remedies

St John's Wort (technically Hypericum perforatum L.) first became famous as a treatment for aiding sleep. However, St John's Wort is among the most-investigated and researched supplements and many more uses have appeared. In fact, it has been studied for multiple decades in Europe. St John's Wort is a phytochemical which refers to compounds found […]

Consider The Power Of A Full Body Detox
Categories: Natural Remedies

A body detox is a powerful way to restore health to the most ailing body. Decades of research has shown that we need to keep ourselves clean inside, just as we do outside. I’m sure that you wouldn’t go weeks without showering or bathing. If we need to clean our teeth and hair imagine how […]

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Is A Powerful Natural Weight Loss Supplement [Part 2]
Categories: Natural Remedies

(Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Part 1) Garcinia Cambogia extract {HCA} is a powerful natural weight loss supplement that helps some overweight folks – but not all. If you are personally interested in Garcinia Cambogia extract, you may get better results if you also take Chromium, an inexpensive mineral. Chromium seems to decline in the human body […]

How To Be Immune To The Swine Flu
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The world, and particularly the US, is awash these days with fear over the Swine Flu, with people wandering the streets and stores wearing masks to protect themselves from this coming ‘pandemic’ (which simply means disease spread over a large geographic area). The Swine Influenza paid us a visit in the 1970s but this is […]

Blood Pressure & Exercise: The Relationship Of Exercise & High Blood Pressure In The Human Body
Categories: Natural Remedies

High blood pressure is a serious problem and causes major damage to the body if not in check. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have or how brilliant you are, if you have this problem you need to pay attention. There is a strong relationship between blood pressure and exercise. And […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup Foods Loaded With Deadly Mercury
Categories: Health

Two alarming studies have recently revealed the presence of deadly mercury in high fructose corn syrup foods. + When testing samples of high fructose corn syrup foods almost ONE THIRD contained mercury + Testing for high fructose corn syrup itself revealed the presence of mercury in almost HALF of the samples This is especially alarming […]