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Benefits of Kids Jeans with Adjustable Waistbands
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Moms are always interested in the proper clothing for their kids – and what is the all-time favorite garment? Jeans, of course. Our author today gives some tips about how to buy jeans that will please the kids – and parents. Kids are active, and even if they are not, they all need to be […]

More Than Electric Outlet Plugs: Keeping Your Home Safe For Your Kids
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If you have kids you already know how prone they are to getting into EVERYTHING. Objects we don't even think about become an unthinkable danger. Our guest author today writes about ways to keep the children you love safe in your home. Whether you're a new parent, about to adopt, starting a daycare in your […]

How To Teach Your Kids Positive Thinking
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Positive thinking receives a lot of criticism from the cynical. That’s because they misunderstand the power of this way of thinking. They believe that its advocates are airy-fairy types who think that a Ferrari will float down from the sky and land on the driveway just because we think it will. That is NOT the […]

Last-Minute List for Kids’ Summer Reading
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"Back to school" ads are beginning to crop up and, for those of us who love and adore autumn, this is welcome news. Still, I remember the end-of-summer sadness when my kids were little. Kelly, today's guest author, is a former teacher and has some excellent suggestions for those last days before the new school […]

Recipes For Kids: Sneaking Zucchini Into A Chocolate Loaf
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I admit to being mystified about why kids generally don’t like veggies – except for french fried potatoes, of course. Yet we women know that vegetables are necessary for maximum health and since we’re usually the household cook, we need to figure out ways to get those veggies into the menu. By subterfuge and sneakiness, […]

Happy Halloween To Kids and Grown-Up Kids!
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Have a wonderful, spooky – and safe – Halloween. Stop by my house if you’re in the neighborhood. We go all out for this wonderful time – including watching Halloween Town 1 and 2 by Debbie Reynolds. And don’t eat too much candy – save a bit for next week. :-)

Gardening With Kids: A Kid + Gardening Creates Magic!
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Gardening with kids has such a multiplicity of benefits that it’s hard to know where to start. Digging in the dirt and growing live plants is such an environmentally-friendly activity that if you have two things you need to consider it: a desire to garden and kids to do it with. A garden with kids […]

Children’s Diabetes: An Amazing Story Of Diabetes In Kids
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Is children’s diabetes a problem in your family? I am a huge fan of the pH Balance program. The originator is Dr. Robert Young and he has several books, one of which deals with diabetes in kids and adults. Does his program work? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.   If your baby […]