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The Law of Attraction & How To Change Your Life
Categories: Self Help

In an earlier article we described how Napoleon Hill met one of the most successful and wealthy men of the 20th century, Andrew Carnegie. The two men spent three days discussing “The Secret” to which Carnegie attributed his almost unbelievable success. Carnegie explained that everything about business was an aspect of this one, all-important “secret”. […]

A Migraine Headache Sufferer Recounts Her Terrible Ordeal
Categories: Health

This fascinating article is about a first-hand account from a brave woman who has suffered from migraine headaches for a huge part of her life. Her description of her suffering is horrifying! Fortunately, she seems to have found an answer. I know you join me in sincerely praying that this awful chapter of her life […]

11 Reasons Why Lack Of Exercise Is A HUGE Mistake
Categories: Weight Loss

I don’t know about you but there have been many times in my life when I’ve heard that word "exercise" and felt a bit ill. Sure, we all know that lack of activity is ‘bad’ for us and we know allllllllllllllllllllllllll about the benefits of exercise. But sometimes simply getting up off the couch seems […]

Finding Bliss In Your Life
Categories: Mixed Bag

If finding bliss is a priority in YOUR life, you’ll be interested in what our guest author, Eliza Fayle has to say. After all, if bliss is a state reserved for angels and saints, why bother talking about it? But Eliza and I think it’s available to everybody. That means you. So what is bliss? […]

4 Habits That Will Slow Aging – And Even REVERSE Aging
Categories: Mixed Bag

If the Fountain Of Youth – a mythical water source that will reverse aging (or so the legends go) – truly existed, stumbling over it would instantly make you the most popular person on our incredibly gorgeous blue and green planet. Actually, remaining healthy – and even looking great, no matter your age – isn't all […]

Finding Bliss Through Nature
Categories: Mixed Bag

This site is all about finding bliss, finding bliss … and then finding more bliss! And a prime way to do that is through nature. Alexandra Gayek,, sent a beautiful and inspiring email that I would like to share. Her comment about being in a real-life Disney movie gave me a shiver. Wonderful stuff. […]