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How To Stop Overeating!
Categories: Weight Loss

The numbers of overweight and obese Americans and Europeans is so large that it’s obvious that overeating is a problem suffered by most of us. The usual ‘diet advice’ concerning how to stop overeating is to … just stop eating. That, of course, is pointless advice. If overweight folks could simply quit overeating, they would […]

Emotional Overeating: How To Stop Overeating
Categories: Weight Loss

Have you ever been so full that you feel sick … but you continue eating anyway? Does it sometimes seem like there is a demon inside of you, one that keeps you eating voraciously, long past any notion of “fullness”? If so, welcome to a very sad and awful club: The Overeaters of the World […]

Fast Healthy Weight Loss: Day Two
Categories: Weight Loss

My fast healthy weight loss, Day 2, began as pure torture! I said I wouldn’t have my morning drink (see Day 1) but I almost caved. I know that it’s important to keep a part of my morning ritual so I got in my car and drove to my business mail box to check the […]

Slim Fast Review: The Slim Fast Program As A Way To Drop The Pounds
Categories: Diet Reviews

The Slim Fast program is a very famous diet that has been on the American scene for many years and most women have most likely seen the Slim Fast shakes and the Slim Fast bars in their local grocery. The original Slim Fast meal plan was two shakes per day – one for breakfast and […]

The Sonoma Diet Equals Healthy Fat Loss
Categories: Natural Remedies

The Sonoma Diet plan is focused on healthy fat loss rather than some of the extreme diets that are so popular these days. A combination of two areas on the planet that have a reputation for being laid back – the Sonoma valley of California (hence the name) and the Mediterranean Sea area of Europe […]

The Food Doctor Diet
Categories: Weight Loss

The Food Doctor Diet was created by a nutritionist in the UK named Ian Marber as an answer to long term weight loss – rather than the popular “lose 20 pounds in 15 minutes” (but gain it back in an hour) diets and as fat loss programs go it’s fairly sane and sensible. As so […]

Denise Austin Diet & Workout
Categories: Weight Loss

I like Denise Austin! I have several of the Denise Austin’s exercise books [my favorite is Sculpt Your Body with Balls and Bands] and they’re sane and sensible and promote healthy fat loss. I know that I’m always raving about the healthy ways to lose weight – but what use is it to lose weight […]

Curves Diet Plan: Fat Loss Programs In The Gym
Categories: Diet Reviews

Perhaps you’ve driven by a Curves gym in your meanderings about town? Curves caters only to women and is designed to reduce the size and improve the appearance of our own personal curves. The program is designed to help us lose weight easily with fat loss programs that rely upon both exercise and dieting. The […]

The Quickest Way To Lose Weight? A Loud Affirmative – Maybe!
Categories: Diet Reviews

If you're in a hurry and looking for the quickest way to lose weight then you've most likely heard of the Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan. It's extremely popular – and it's no wonder because it makes the bold statement that you can lose 9 lbs in 11 days – while eating all the goodies […]

5 Reasons For Diet Failure
Categories: Weight Loss

5 Reasons For Diet Failure You’ve taken an oath and THIS time you’re going to do it: lose weight. Days/weeks/months go by and once again: DIET FAILURE! But why? Why is it so damned hard??? Here are 5 reasons why most of us fail. #1: The Infamous "Junk Food Diet" Sigh … you’re still eating […]