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CANNOT Lose Weight? Here’s A Permanent Answer!
Categories: Weight Loss

If you simply CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT, you will already know that year after year we are inundated, swamped and buried in the ‘latest and greatest’ diet books. The authors (often doctors) earnestly assure us the THEIR book will resolve our weight problems, once and for all. And perhaps they could – if we actually followed […]

Lose Weight Online? Which Online Weight Loss Groups Are Best For You?
Categories: Weight Loss

Most people who are interested in losing weight have, at one time or another, thought about joining some sort of weight-loss program and in fact we’ve put together a list of 160 "lose weight" online resources. They’re everywhere of course, from Weight Watchers, to Overeaters Anonymous to programs at the local health spa. But most […]

An Exercise Plan To Lose Weight: Best Ways To Exercise To Dump The Extra Pounds
Categories: Weight Loss

I am very interested the the ‘best’ exercise plan to lose weight. Clearly, there are ways to exercise that lead to more fat bunring than others. Having said that, though, it’s important to know that I don’t have the "final" answer. You can pick up books everywhere that claims that their way is not only […]

How To Lose Weight Naturally With Visualization Methods
Categories: Mixed Bag

If you’re interested in how to lose weight naturally, (and of course you are!) then visualization methods are a powerful tool you can use. The good news is that it’s fun, effective and easy. Here are some tips to help you use your powers of mind visualization so that the pounds start coming off. Healing […]

A Healthy Way To Lose Weight: Weight Control Programs & Your Expectations
Categories: Natural Remedies

If you seek a healthy way to lose weight, the first place to begin is with your expectations. Ask yourself honestly: do you expect to success or do you expect to fail? Most of the time (every time?) when we "go on a diet", we worry that if we don’t do everything just exactly right, […]

Positive Self Image: Improve Your Self Image & Lose Weight
Categories: Weight Loss

Simply losing weight isn’t enough – at least it isn’t enough for wise people, because we must lose weight in a way that improves our health. But all the books and guides focus on weight loss as an external process (eat less, move more, etc). The truth is that a positive self image is more […]

Mindful Eating: How Inner Awareness Can Help You Lose Your Weight
Categories: Weight Loss

So many who struggle to lose the flab are totally unaware of mindful eating and how developing an inner awareness of everything you’re putting in your mouth can help you lose your weight. In fact, mindless eating is THE biggest cause of overweight! Have you ever been watching TV – and look down to notice […]

Eat Natural Healthy Food To Lose Weight Naturally
Categories: Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight naturally and (sort of) easily then consider eating only natural healthy food instead of "low fat", "light", "sugar free" or other so-called special foods. Natural and organic food works WITH the body, rather than trying to trick or fool it into giving up the pounds. You may have tried […]

Youthing As A Motivation To Lose Weight
Categories: Anti-Aging

If your motivation to lose weight runs out long before the pounds fall off, then how about this as a motivation: youthing! Of course, it’s a generalization, but … generally … people who are thin and active are less likely to get sick or suffer with hideous diseases. The entire point of our health habits […]

160 “Lose Weight” Online Resources
Categories: Natural Remedies

If you simply can NOT lose weight, why not take advantage of a ton of different resources and lose weight online. Yeah, you still have to do your part, but the following resources can be called “Lose Weight Online” simply because accountability and knowledge will make the entire task easier. A recent study indicates that […]